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   Chapter 37 NO.37

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[ Camila Cabello ft. Young Thug - Havana]


"Mommy! We miss you. " The twins said as soon as I accept the face time from Brianna.

"How are both of you doing? Did you being naughty? " I ask.

"No we're good kids. Ask Aunt Banana. " Gabriella said and I chuckles.

"Gabriella it's Bri. An. Na. " Brianna try to correct Gabriella's pronouncation but still she said it as Banana. I just laugh at it.

"Well I trust you but When both of you want to go home huh?" I ask.

"Mommy, why didn't you come here? It's fun here." Gabriel said and I raised my eyebrow.

"Woah, you love to stay there? Alright maybe you didn't love me anymore. " I pouted.

"No mommy, we love you." They said in unison. I smile at their cuteness. I talk to them like a few hours because I just realize that it's already dawn. So I decided to say good bye to them.

"We love you. "They said before I end it. I miss them so much but seeing them happy staying there, I think it will be okay. I stand up from the couch and walk to the kitchen.

"What should I cook today? Hmm..... " I mumble to myself. I put my phone on the counter and then open the refrigerator to look up for ingredients. I take out the ingredients and decided to cook a simple meal. I'm going to cook spaghetti and that's the best meal I could think. Before I start to cook, I go upstairs to get my rubber band and tie up my hair into a bun. Messy bun I think. Yeah.

After that, I'm ready to cook. I just put on my favorite song, Havana while I'm cooking. I humming and swaying my hips. This song makes me body automatically move into the Rhythm.

"Half of my heart is in Havana oh na na..... " I sing.

Just when I just enjoy myself cooking, I feel an arms wrap around my waist. I gasp and immediately turned around. "Elijah? What are you doing here? " I'm not surprised when he can get into my house because he take my spare key and it his. So yeah...

"I miss you and I can't help it but to come here and meet my babe. By the way, you loo

veryone, I need each one of you to think of one design then bring it to me. Just make sure that's the design hat you make suit for the theme. That's all dismiss." I said and then walk out from the meeting room.

We had so much design but out of 50 only 15 that I can approved. I'm not he one who that picky but this fashion show is important to me so I need to make sure that everything is perfect especially the dress.

I take a look at my design and then suddenly my phone ring. I pick it up without looking at the caller. "Hello. " I said.

"Alexa its me Jared. So I was thinking about you and decided to call you. Are you busy? "

"Kind of. Why you call me? I know it's not because you miss me or anything right? So tell me what it is, Jared. " I said and still sketch my design.

"Well actually I just want to ask about you and Elijah. You didn't even tell me what happened between you and him. I am waiting. So.....? " I sighed.

"Look Jared. I promise you that I will tell you all of it but not now cause I need to finish my design." I reply.

"Awe that's sucks but worth it to wait. Alright I'll call you later. Bye and don't tired yourself. "He hang up and then I just continue to do my work.






Much love from me

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