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   Chapter 36 NO.36

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[ Beg - Jack and Jack]

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"Ummm well I just think that maybe.... Ummm..... I could give you the chance."


The sentence that make me really happy more than anything. I think I finally can get my real happiness. I really hope this time our happiness will last forever because I can't feel losing her again. Right now, I'm in my penthouse. Last night I stay the night at Alexa's house and this morning she just casually kick me out.

I head to my room and take a shower because I didn't shower since last night after that event.

After a few minutes, I finally done with my shower. I walk out into my walk in closet and pick a wear my suit. I have a meeting today and that's a good thing that its in Los Angeles so I don't have to go back to New York.

I look at my appearance for the last time before I walk out from my room. I decided to grab my breakfast after I finish my meeting or maybe just skip it.


The meeting just going good. I take my phone out and call Alexa.

"Hello. " she pick it up. I smile when I hear her voice.

"Hey babe. " I said.

"Why are you calling. "

"Because I miss you. I want to redeem my fault to you. So can we have lunch together? " I ask.

"Sure just text me the

she also didn't like Joseph because of his cocky attitude. " I smile when I hear about Joseph and Thea.

"But I think they'll end up together cause Joseph like her." She stop eating and look at me with wide eyes.

"Really? Oh my god. I can't believe this. " she said and I chuckles. "I hope they'll realize the feeling towards each other. " she said and I just nodded in agreement. We continue eating our food and when we finish, we walk out together.

"I have to go back to my office now. Still got a few design need to be approve by me." She said. I hug her and then kiss her lips.

"See you later babe. And don't work too much." I said and then she walk to her car then drive away. I also get inside my car and drive back to my company.






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