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   Chapter 35 NO.35

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[ Niall Horan - Flicker.]


Right now, I'm in the car and drive to my company event. It's my company 3rd Anniversary and also about my new collection. There's a lot of people will come and that's a good thing that I have Hera to handle all of that thing. So I'm not gonna be so busy tonight. I wear my cream dress and hug my body perfectly also show my curve. I make my hair into a bun. For my make up, I put it like a dark makeup but still elegant.

When I get inside the hall, I see that there's already a lot of people here. This event just to celebrate my new design and I'm so glad that a lot of people come here to the that.

I walk to the stage and take the Microphone. "Welcome and thank you to all who came here tonight to celebrate he 3rd Anniversary and see our new design for December theme." I said and just continue for my not so long speech.

After I finish my speech, I put the Microphone and then walk down the stage and let the guests enjoy themselves in this event. I just mingle with a few people and then Hera pat my shoulder.

"Ms. Johnson, there's someone who like to meet you. He is in the garden.." She said. I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion and nodded my head. I excuse myself from the people that I talk and walk out heading to the garden.

I look around and see nobody but then I heard someone clear his throat. I immediately turned around to look who it is. I am surprised when I see Elijah standing in front of me in his black Armani suit. Looking handsome as always. Okay stop it..

"You're the one who want to meet me? " I ask even though my body just feel so awkward when with him.

"You look so beautiful tonight Alexa." He said and take a few step to be near me. I feel my knee going weak went he make that compliment. But I just stay there because I feel like my foot just stick there.

"Ummm t

I just shake my head.

After that, he just plop himself on my bed and finally I can take a shower and do my night routine. I take my night gown inside the bathroom and put in on the counter. I take a shirt shower cause it's cold. Then, I grab my towel and wrap it around my naked body. I walk to the counter and start to brush my teeth.

A few moments later, I wear my night gown and just let my wet hair fall down behind my back. I walk out from the bathroom and see Elijah is at the balcony talking to his phone looking serious. Maybe his work.

I sit on bed and then just get ready to sleep. He come back after that and just throw his phone on bed. "What's wrong? " I ask look at him.

"Got some problem at my company but it's okay now. I hope. " he said and wrap his hands on my waist then snuggle his head at my neck. I can feel his breathe around there and I just let it be even though my body starting to heat up. Also my heart beating so fast now abd I just hope he didn't hear it.

I play with his hair and when I look at him, he already asleep. Then I also close my eyes then drift to sleep.






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