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   Chapter 34 NO.34

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[ Titanium - Sia. ]


When I'm still sleeping, I feel like something bouncing on my bed. I slowly open my eyes and look what it is. I see Gabriel and Gabriella jumping on my bed with smile plastered on their face. "What are you guys doing? " I ask with my husky voice. My voice always be husky every morning. That's weird I know.

"We just so happy. " Gabriella said while jumping.

"Why? "

"Because daddy will come and pick us up to go to see Grandma, Grandpa, aunty banana and uncle Corner. " she said and that's a good thing that they already stop jumping.

"Oh when did your dad will arrive? " I ask and then I heard the doorbell from downstairs. Great he's here.

"He's here! Mommy let's go. " I groan and just lay back on my bed. Why is he here so early in the morning? "Mommy, let's go. "They pull me from my comfortable spot to the uncomfortable cold tiles.

I put my hair into messy bun then I just walk into the bathroom to wash my face and brush my teeth. I just take my time to do all that until I heard both of them shout from the stairs I guess. After I finish do my things, I walk to the stairs and feel heavy to go down and meet him.

"Mommy!! " I groan when I hear both of them calling me again. Fine Alexa, just go down and say bye to Gabriel and Gabriella. That's it. No need to greet him or anything. I nodded my head then walk down.

Just then, I see him. Standing in front of the door smiling at the kids. Oh my god, why he need to be so hot when he smile. Wait... Did I say hot? What is wrong with me. Why suddenly I become a fan girl over him.

"Mommy hug. " I come back after zoned out for I don't know how long. I bend my body to hug

t be so naughty alright. "Gabriel and Gabriella nodded their head. After that they walk out from the house and get into my car. When I turn around to look st Alexa, she just walk and want to go upstairs. "Alexa. " I call her and she turned to me.

"Yes? "

"Thank you for letting them spending time with me. I am so appreciate it. " I said.

"No problem." She reply and I smile at her. I wave at her before I turned around to go to the car.

As soon as I enter the car, I drive away and picture of Alexa still in my mind. "Daddy, can I ask something? " Gabriel ask me.

"What is it son? " I ask but my eyes still on the road.

"Why you and mommy didn't live in the same house?" I stay silent because they're just too young to know about this thing. "Why? " he ask again.

"Well its because my work is in New York and mommy work is here. That's why we can't live together. But maybe one day we will. "I said.

"Can't wait for us to live together. " Gabriel said.

Me too son. Me too.






Much love from me

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