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   Chapter 33 NO.33

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[Olivia O Brian ft Gnash - I hate you I love you]

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I am now getting ready to go to work. I wear my emerald green dress with my black stilettos. I let my hair go and bit wavy today also my makeup just more to natural. I like it to be natural because it's feel more comfortable and my face didn't look like a clown.

I left my room and walk downstairs. "Good morning, Ms. I already cook the breakfast. " Laila greet as soon as I enter the dining room. Laila basically just leave here because I think it will be easy for her to look at the twins if I have any emergency or something. Also, she cook at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Even when I told her I can do by myself, she still being stubborn and cook it.

"I just can eat oat or something, Laila. You don't need to do this. You're a babysitter not my maid." I said.

"It's okay Ms, I love doing all this thing. Now sit and eat your breakfast or else you'll be late. " I take my sit and eat the pancakes.

Not long after that, Gabriel and Gabriella walk into the dining room. "Mommy! " I smile and then hug them.

"Morning my sunshine."

We eat together and when I look at the time, I already have to go if not I'll be late. "Gotta go now, will see both of you this evening right? " I said standing up to walk out from the house but then Gabriel call me. I turned around and look at him.

"Why baby? " I ask.

"Ummm yesterday, we took your phone and call daddy. When you're in your bathroom. We miss him very much. " he said and look at his feet. I am very surprise when he said that. I just stay quiet until he oeb his mouth again. "Can we go to his house? Tomorrow? " he ask then Gabriella walk to me too.

"Can we mommy? " she ask. I don't what to say. Should I give them spend time with him? Or not?

Yes you have too. Th

llection for this Christmas. Also I have fashion show in two months from now. Being a fashion designer isn't that easy because you need to think the design that new and will attract a lot of people to wear it.


"Mommy, can we go?" They ask when I'm in my room doing my work on my laptop. They really talk like an adult.

"Fine fine both of you can go but behave yourself there alright?." They jump in happiness.

"Yay! We can meet auntie Banana and uncle Corner. " Gabriella said and I chuckles.

"Now let's go and pack your clothes." With that I walk out from my room with them then heading to their room. "But who gonna fetch both of you to go there? " I ask because I'm not going to New York to send them and have to face Elijah there.

"Daddy will come and pick us up here tomorrow. " what? He will come here? That's mean I have to meet him but I'm not ready yet to meet him.

"Oh alright. " that's all I reply and continue to pack their cloheeointo their luggage. After a few minutes, we're done and the twins just get into their bed and sleep. I kiss them then left the room to go to my room.






Much love from me

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