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   Chapter 32 NO.32

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[Jasmine Thompson - old Friends ]


I change my number. Even though it's already four months ago, my heart still hurts and this felt like how he throw me away. I now I shouldn't gave him that chance. Because I might be end up like this at the end.

"Mommy! Mommy!" I turned around to see Gabriella running towards me who is standing on the balcony.

"Yes honey. Do you need anything?" I ask and she nod her head yes. "What it is?"

"Can you let me talk to Daddy? I miss him and I want to ask why he doesn't call or come here." She said and I sighed.

"Baby, please don't get me wrong but I think you should not talk about him now."


"Because I said so. I lost his number and I don't remember it." I lied.


"Gabriella... Please." She just nod her head weakly and then left my room. It's not like I don't want them to talk to him but he might take this chance to ask for forgiveness again. I don't want that.

Just then, my phone ring. I pick it up.

"Hello this is Alexa speaking."

"Alexa... Don't you remember me?" I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion. Who the hell is this?

"Ummm sorry but no. Care to tell me who is this?" As long as I know, I only gave my phone number to my secretary, Thea and also the babysitter.

"Gosh you're so mean." Gosh this guy is really makes me confused. Who is he?

"If you don't want to tall me who are you, I'm gonna hang up this." I said in serious tone.

"Woah woah ok. Don't be to savage girl, it's me Jared. Jared Lanton. Remember now?" I think I'm used to hear that name. But wh- oh my gosh. Jared!!

"You the dumb Jared?!" I ask.

"Even though it's hurt when you call me that but yeah that's me. Finally you remember me." A wide smile creep on my lips.

"Oh by the way, how did you get my number?"

"Well I went to your office this morning. Oh ok don't ask me how I know your office. I see you're now a quiet famous now. So when I went there, I met your secretary and to make it short, I got your number from her after a few hours beg for her trust." He explain.

"It's been like five years since we last met each other. How are you?"

"I'm good but well my wedding already cancelled twice because of stupid things happened." He said.

"Woah what happened?" I ask curiously.

"What about we meet up somewhere so we can catch up everything. How about that?"

"Sure, when and where?" He tell me the location and time. I smile and then after a few minutes, we hang up the phone to get ready to meet. I wear simple my dark blue and white stripes shirt then wear my black leggings. I let my hair fall behind my back and just comb a bit to make it look neat. I put some light eyeshadow, mascara and also nude lipstick. After I'm done, I take my black wedges to wear it.

When I'm all done, I left my room and go downstairs. "Laila, I'm going out to meet my friend. Tell the twins I'll be home a little bit late." I said to her.

"Alright Ms." She reply and I get out from the house. The twi

round, and when all the pretty blossom had fallen from our branches we found that we were one tree and not two. But sometimes the petals fall away and the roots have not entwined. Imagine giving up your home and your people, only to discover after six months, a year, three years, that the trees have had no roots and have fallen over. Imagine the desolation. Imagine the imprisonment." He stop for a bit and take a sip of his drink. Then continue.

"One can only forgive a sin after the sinner has finished committing it, because we cannot allow ourselves to condone it whilst it is being perpetrated. I admit this possibility, indeed I would be happy with it." I open my mouth to say something but he put his hand in front of my face prevent me from talk. I look at him.

"No don't look at me like that. I am not ignorant or stupid and I was not born yesterday. Also. I am a doctor and I deal not in impossible moral commands but in demonstrable facts. No one can tell me that just because someone is young, good-looking, well educated and sensible, they are not also inflamed. Well, that's enough of that.. So, thank you for hearing my speech about Love." He finally stop. It took long enough for him to stop talking.

"Wow, are you a love doctor or what?" I ask.

"You can say that. But I really think you should give him another chance and find about that pictures. Don't worry, if he still loves you, he will never cheated on you but if he still do the same thing to you abd you know now I'm here for you and maybe I'll be your someone special. Who know." He said and wink at me. I look at him disbelief.

"Whatever." We laugh and then continue to talk about what's going on in our life and all.


Well as you can see, Jared is Alexa's high school friends and they're basically best friends but it's only until they graduated from high school.





Much love from me

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