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[ Why don't we - Something Different ]


When I'm in the middle of doing some paperwork, I hear my door being knock and it open. "Ms. Johnson, Mr. Sanchez is here to see you." My secretary said and I nod my head. She let him in.

"Goo-" I stop when my eyes make an eyes contact with...... Elijah

"Wha-.... I thought it only Mr. Sanchez." I said and then I see one familiar woman standing behind both of them.

"I'm sorry Alexa but can we talk and this is so important." I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion and then tell them to sit on the sofa. After we sit, I look at them but not Elijah.

"So, what's the important thing?" I ask. Then, that woman clear her throat makes me turned my head to her.

"Well... I have something to tell you...." She said in careful and scare voice.


"You know..... Ummm.... Those pictures that you.... Got it few months ago?" I raised my eyebrows. What's wrong with that pictures? "I'm the one who send them to you." Suddenly my mind remember that she is the woman who in that pictures. I just stay silent and look at her intense. "I'm so sorry. I did that just because I don't want you and Elijah to be together. I feel envied to you and when I met him at his office, he refused to have sex with me and I become so angry so I just decided to let him suffered by sending you those pictures. That pictures actually was three years ago and only one from a few months but that's before you guys met each other. I'm so sorry, it's not his fault it's my fault please don't be mad at .."

"And to be honest he didn't even want me. I'm the one who always went to him and force him to have sex with me." With that she go to me and hold my hand which makes me shock. I already forget about those pictures and here she is trying to explain it all. Whatever.

I look at her who is kneeling while holding my hands. I don't know how to react or speak anything so the best thing to do is just keep silent. "Alexa..." I turned to look at Elijah and his face look so broken? Sad? I can't describe his facial right now cause it's contain a lot expr

n't care if I'm not with him but I need to think about the twins. They still too young for all this. I can't let my selfishness make them can't meet their own father. I don't want because of me they will hate Elijah.

I shake my head from my thought and get out from the bathtub and rinse my body using the shower. After that, I grab my bathrobe and wear it.

I walk out from the bathroom and just walk towards my bed. I take my phone and see if there any notification. I got one message and that's from Jared. I open it to read and reply him.

"Alexa can we hang out tomorrow maybe after you finish your work. How about that? "

"Sure just text me the place. I also want to tell you something and need your magic words. " I press send then he reply within a second.

"Hah! But what happened? "

"I will tell you when we meet tomorrow. Now I want to rest. Good night Jared."

"Alright then. Sleep well beautiful. " I smile when he call me beautiful. I put my phone aside then walk into the closet. I wear my night gown.

I just need to sleep now cause my mind is not in a good condition now. I lay down and put myself inside my thick blanket. I can feel the dark slowly consumed me and with that I drift to sleep.


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