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   Chapter 30 NO.30

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[Lucas Graham - you're not there ]


"YOU'RE FIRED! GET OUT FROM MY OFFICE NOW!" I yelled at my employee. This few weeks got me so stressful. My employees doesn't did the right thing about my new project. I already lost like three projects and now I'm nearly lost this one.

When I lean my head at my chair, my phone ring. Who the heck calling me this time. I groan and then look at my phone. I pick it up.

"What do you want?" I don't have mood to talk right now.

"Woah what with that tone. Bro chill, I have a news for you and I bet you will like it." Joseph said.


"Just wait at your office and I'll come in ten minutes." With that he hung up. I put my phone on the table and then read some paperwork in front of me. A few minutes later my office door is open by someone and when I look who it is, My anger really boil in anger now. "What do you want from me again slut." I said and I try not to get too emotional because if not, I will throw something at her.

"Elijah I-"

"Get out." I said but she try to said something again. "I SAID GET OUT!" I shouted at her and she seems surprised by my sudden outburst. She didn't move an inch from where she standing and look at the floor. "Are you deaf or what?" I ask but she didn't answer me.

"Woah man relax. I can hear your voice when I'm out from the lift." Sudden Joseph come in and close the door. "Why did you close the door? This slut didn't even get lost yet." I said to him.

"I'm the one who told her to come. So that you and Alexa can get together again." I look at that slut

now, we're on our way to go to Alexa office and I'm so nervous to meet him because it's been a few months since last we met. I get out from the car after my drive open the door for me. I wait for both of them to get off from the car then I walk together with Joseph into the building. I just ignore Rebecca all the way here because I hate her so much. Whenever I look at her face, my day will ruin. Now, we're in elevator and a few moments later the door open and I get off first from it. "Good morning Mr. Perkins, Mr. Sanchez and Ms..."

"Jay. Ms Jay." Rebecca said and I just roll my eyes. Alexa's secretary lead the way and we follow behind. She knock the door and then open it. "Ms. Johnson, Mr. Sanchez is here to see you." Her secretary said. "Okay then, please come in now." With that I take my step to go in and face Alexa.

"Goo-" She stop when her eyes make an eyes contact with me.






Much love from me

Little munchkins

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