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   Chapter 28 NO.28

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[ In my blood - Shawn Mendes ]

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When I woke up this morning, I found that the villa is completely empty. I search for the twin because they usually running around he villa but they're not here. Same with Alexa and Laila. I quickly go to my room and grab my phone. I dial her number and press call but she didn't answer it. I call her more than five times but she still didn't answer it.

Alexa why?

I take a short shower and then wear my black tee shirt and black jeans. I think I'm gonna go home too because there's nothing I can do here without them. I take all my things and left the room. "Rody!" I call my driver and he comes to me immediately.

"Yes sir?"

"Send me to airport. I'm going home now." He nodded his head and go and get the car ready. I call Alexa again but still no answer. Did she really doesn't want me anymore? Did she that mad at me?

After a few minutes, I already at the airport and wait for my pilot to set the plane. In the meantime, I call Alexa again and this time, she finally pick it up. "What do you want more?" She ask me with a cold tone as soon as she pick it up.

"Alexa I-"

"Didn't yesterday I already make it clear? Or maybe you hit your head somewhere until you forget all of it?" She ask. "Okay let me make it more clear to you. Listen carefully. I. Don't. Want. You. Anymore. Is that clear?" I feel someone stab my heart with something sharp lots of time because it feel so hurt.

"But-" She cut me again.

"Call me again or try to meet me, I will never let you meet the twins forever. Do you hear it? FOREVER!" with that she hang up the phone leaving me in pain. This is the worst pain I've ever imagine that I feel.

Right n

r barge open and show the woman that ruin it all. "The fuck are you doing here?" I ask in cold stone.

She walk to my table and sit on one of chair there. "I miss you of course. Don't you?"

"Who told you to sit? You're dirty body didn't deserve to sit on that chair cause you might make it really dirty." She look at me disbelief. "So bring your plastic face and you're dirty body get the fuck out from my office." I adds.

She get up and then walk to me. "Look here Elijah, the body that you call dirty just now, is the body that fill your needs don't you remember?" I stand up and grab her wrist to the door.

"What are you doing!? Let me go it's hurt!" I let her wrist go and gesture her to go out.

"Well listen here carefully whore, I made a huge mistake by slept with you and now I've been regret it. Now get the fuck out from my office and don't ever try to come here again." She huff and then stomped her feet out from my office abd heading to the lift.

It's really a huge mistake I've ever done in my life after I divorced Alexa.






Much love from me

Little Munchkins

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