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   Chapter 27 NO.27

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[ Bruno Mars - Locked out of heaven]


My back hurts because I sit to long. That's a good thing that we're already arrive. It's night here so that's mean we're just going to the hotel and rest. I need that, really. "We're not going to stay in hotel." I turned to him immediately when he said that.

"Then? Where are we going to stay? "

"In a villa." He reply. I look at him and just agree to it. We walk together with Gabriella in my arms sleeping and Gabriel in Elijah's arm to the car the he already prepared for us.


The next Day

When I'm awake, I just out from my room and go to the kitchen. When I walk in, I see Gabriel, Gabriella, Laila and Elijah just having breakfast. "Morning mommy. "The twins greet me. I smile and sit next to Laila.

I just eat the toast with jam. We eat in silent until Elijah break it. "We're going to Disneyland today." I didn't care where are we're going to go cause to be honest I didn't look forward for this vacation. Not after what he did to me.

When I think about it again, why am I being so stupid because I just accept him to fast. He must thing that I will forgive him whenever he makes a mistake. He's wrong. I want to make sure this is the last time he meet me. I don't want to meet him anymore until I really ready to meet him. But I still didn't stop him from spend time with his child.

After all of us finished our breakfast, I walk to my room with the twins. "Mommy, hurry up. Can't wait to go there." They jump.

"Go and ask Laila to get both of you ready then." I said and they immediately running out from the room. I grab the towel and take a shower. The shower only takes about ten minutes. I pick my black legging and my stripes shirt. I comb my hair and decided just to let my hair fall down. I do my make up and then I'm done.

I take my black wedges and wear it. After a few minutes, I finally done with my appearance. I grab my handbag and my phone then left the room to go downstairs. When I already downstairs, I see all of them already ready. Waiting for me. "I'm done. Let's go." All I said abd open the door to go out.

The journey to Disneyland from our villa is not that long. It's only took about 20 minutes to go there. "Mommy can I meet mickey mouse and bella?" Gabriella ask me when we're already in the Disneyland. I nodded my head and she is so happy. We get into the castle and then we saw a mickey mouse. "Mommy! That's Mickey." Gabriella said and I bring her closer to it. She hug the mickey mouse and I take out my phone to take her pictures.

I didn't see Elijah and Gabriel here. That's mean they're must be somewhere else. After i'm done taking pictures of Gabriella, we just roaming around and see

e ring and I wake up immediately. I get out from the bed and turn on the light. It's still so early, its 4:30 in the morning. Even though I only got to sleep like three hours, I didn't want to miss my flight. I grab the towel and just brush my teeth and wash my face. I decided not to take a shower because it's so early in the morning.

It takes me about 20 minutes to get done. I drag my luggage and left the room. "Ms. the twins already awake." I see Laila who already standing in front of my room with her bag and Gabriel and Gabriella luggage.

"Where are they?" I ask. She go to their room and call them to get out. They look tired and confused why they need to wake up early in the morning.

"Mommy, where are we going? I'm sleepy." Gabriel said.

"We're going home. It's okay you can continue your sleep in flight. Now let's go we might miss our flight." With that four of us go downstairs and left the house. That's a good thing that Elijah's driver stay here too or else it must be hard to find cab early in the morning. I already inform his driver that we're going to airport so that he already got the car ready.

The road didn't busy so we arrive at the airport in half an hour. We walk inside and sit on the empty seat there until our flight ready. "Mommy, I want to sleep." Gabriel whine.

"You can sleep in a few, baby. Wait a minute alright?" He lean to me and I hug him. After waiting a few minutes, finally I hear the announcement about our flight. We get up and I have no choice but to carry Gabriel because he already sleeping. Gabrieli just hold Laila's hand and walk silently. A moment later, we're already in flight and ready to go back to Los Angeles.






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