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   Chapter 26 NO.26

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[ Shawn mendes - Running low]

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When I look at pictures that was sent to me, I feel so much in anger. The woman in this picture looks completely like a whore and gold digger. Her face look like a bitch with 5 inches of make up. What a plastic.

Then, I decided to call Elijah. I put the phone near to my ear and he answer it in a few second. It's look like he's waiting for my call. "Baby?" I roll my eyes when I heard him call me that. "It's you right?" I hum in answer and then I remember that I have to act like I didn't even hurt and sad about that pictures.

"Can we meet?" I ask him.

"Sure we can. I really need to explain everything to you." He said.

"Alright, let just meet at the cafe near my office can we?"

"I'll meet you there in 30 minutes. See you later." I hang up and then throw my phone on my bed and heading into the walk in closet. I choose my baby blue denim and wear my white blouse. I tie my hair into a high bun and then wear my sandals. I put my makeup and then after I'm done with my outfit and all, I take my handbag and put lipgloss, tissue, cash, keys and my phone. After that, I left my room.

"Gabriel, Gabriella come here." I call them. They running to me from the living room with a smile on their face.

"Where are you going mommy?" Gabriel ask. "I'm going to go and meet your dad for a while. Can you stay at home with Laila for a while?" I ask them.

"Can we follow you?" Gabriella ask.

"I'm sorry but I have something so important to talk with your dad." They both pouted. "Well if you guys pouted I'm not going to bring you guys for a holiday in two days.. " I said to them and they immediately hug my leg.

"Where are we going !?" They ask excitedly.

"It's a secret. So can you guys stay at home?" They nodded their head. I bend a bit to hug and kiss their forehead. "I love you both of you." I walk put from the house and got into my car.

After I'm arrived at the restaurant, I walk inside and look around search for Elijah. I spot him sitting at the table near the corner. I walk to him and just sit without greet him. He look up from his phone and look at me. "You came." He said and smile.

"Of course I came because I'm the one who ask you to meet." I said.

"Well I'm sorry about that pictures. You know what you look, didn't the same as you think. Really. I didn't even like her a b-" I cut him by put my hand in front

g with Elijah's private jet, but still I don't want to be late.

New York always busy. Just as I expected, we're stuck in the traffic but that's a good thing that we only stuck for one hour. As soon as we're arrive, I parkdymy car and take out the luggage from the tank.

"Let's go." I said to Laila and the twins. We walk inside and just sit at the empty seat there. Just then, my phone ring. I pick it up when I look Elijah call me.

"Hello." I said.

"Alexa where are you?"

"I already arrive at the airport. Do you already arrive?" I ask.

"If that so, I will go to you now. Then can we fly a bit early like now? "

"It's fine by me."

"Hey. " I turned to see Elijah with his casual look smile at me and the twins. I force myself to smile back.

We decided to get into flight early so that we will not arrive there to late. I just agree to it and then now we already in his private jet. I look at the twin who look so happy and excited.

Elijah sit next to me and hold my hand. I look at him and he smile. "Thanks for agree to go for a vacation with me."

"No problem. I go with you just because the twins really want it to go. I just want to make them happy." I reply.

"What about you? You didn't want it to happen?"

"I want it." I smile at him. I look out from the window and just stay silent. He get up from the seat and just play with the twins. That's a good thing that he dismiss himself or else I don't know what I'm going to do. It's gonna be a long flight. So I decided to just sleep.






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