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   Chapter 25 NO.25

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[ Adele - Make you feel my love ]


"Thea, you said you will stay here for three days. It's only been two days but you need to go back to Paris. Don't go..." I pleaded her but I know it's not going to work.

"Don't act like a child Alexa. I'm sad too but there's nothing I can do. My boss called and want me to be there as soon as possible. Maybe because there's a urgent or something. I promise you, I'll come here again." She said and walk outside.

"You sure you don't want me to send you to the airport?" I ask.

"It's okay, I already called the cab. I don't want you to prevent me from going back to Paris if you send me to airport. Oh there's the cab. Bye bestie. I'm gonna miss you.. " she hug me and then got into the cab. I wave her and watch the cab until it's gone. I sighed and go inside my house.

I feel something is missing now. I look at the time and it's 6:30 in the morning. I walk to my room and take a shower. I scrub my body and shampoo my hair. When I'm done, I wrap my naked body with bathrobe and then walk put from the bathroom. It's already 7 a.m.. Wow I'm sure take too long for shower.

Last night, I slept like 12 something because I just on the phone with Elijah. It's feels so happy to get to talk to him. He just being so sweet and funny even though it's only in the phone. I smile when I remembered that moment.

I walk to my walk in closet and pick my emerald green dress and wear it. After that, I sit on my vanity table and do my makeup.

After a few minutes, I'm all done. I

t you've done. You broke the trust I give you. I'm really stupid to believe that you already changed but you're not change at all. I want you to Stop contact me and don't ever come here to see me from now on." I said with cold tone. After I said all that, I hang up and then cry again.

Elijah why?

The question is why?

Why you did this to me after I already give you my trust?

I stand up from my seat and then walk to the window. "Alexa, why you have to be hurt because of him again? You can't be like this. The weak Alexa already dead and this is the strong Alexa." I said to myself while looking outside. I'm to easy for giving him a chance. Well I think I know what I'm gonna do with him.

"Elijah, you break my heart and now my time for make your heart feel the pain just like I felt or maybe more. Then let's see if you still want me or not." I wipe my tears.






Much love from me

Little munchkins

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