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   Chapter 24 NO.24

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"What's wrong with that face dude?" Joseph ask me. Me and him just having our breakfast together now. I sighed and stop eating then take a sip on my coffee.

"Rebecca called me last night." I tell him.

"Rebecca? Who's that?"

"The one that I slept with when Alexa caught me cheated on her at the hotel three years ago and also She's my one night stand a few months before I met Alexa." I explain.

"Oh that woman. I remembered now. Well blocked her number then." I look at him disbelief because I expect another answer from him. "What? Did I do said anything wrong?" He said and eat his food.

"You know if Alexa know about this, she might think that I'm not serious to be with her again. She might think that I just playing with her heart again." I said.

"Oh that's why your face like a old man just now." He laughed. "Well just be honest with her then. It's better for her to hear from your mouth other than that woman mouth or maybe internet. It's not that hard to tell her right? Besides, you're not planning to get back with that whore. Right?" I shake my head no. Of course I would never be with Rebecca ever again. "Then, what's you scare of? She will understand and also try to make that Rebecca stop from calling or texting you. You're rich and have power just do anything to make that woman stop all that." He said.

"I think that the best way. I should tell Alexa first then second I will make that woman stop from call and text me." I said and Joseph nodded his head in agreement.


"Hey baby!!" My office door barge open and show Rebecca with her tight dress and face like a cake. "I'm sorry Mr. Perkins I try to stop her but she still want to see you." My secretary said.

"It's okay you can continue your work." With that she left me with this whore alone in my office. "What do you want more? Money?" I ask her and she walk to me and slip her hand to my chest. I push her hand and step a few step back from her.

"I want you baby. It's been a few months since... you know what I mean right?" She ask.

"Just find another man to fill your needs woman because I don't do all that shit anymore. So, get out from my office and don't ever dare to come back here." I said and look outside the big glass window in my office.


ut the paper in one place and make my table look neat. Just then, my phone light up. I furrowed my eyebrows and take a look who it is. Private number? I open it and my eyes widen when I see the photos of me and Rebecca kissing, slept together, and get into a hotel three years ago and one photos from a few months before I met Alexa. There's like five photos in total and Suddenly my blood boil in anger now.

I called Alexa but she didn't answer it. My heart beat so fast and also the anger still there. Why is she didn't answer the damn phone.. "Alexa please answer it." I mumble to myself.

A few moments later she pick up the phone makes me feel so relieved. "What do you want more? Want to see me cry and broken again? Elijah, I forgive you but look what you've done. You broke the trust I give you. I'm really stupid to believe that you already changed but you're not change at all. I want you to Stop contact me and don't ever come here to see me from now on." She said in cold tone. Oh no....

"Ale-" she hung up the phone without even let me talk. Alexa didn't want to meet me anymore and now, I'm really doomed. We just talk like a teenage couple last night and now, she hates me again. I need to explain all this as soon as possible to her.

Who the hell behind all this? Rebecca.... My blood boiling and I thin if I see Rebecca, I will kill her on the spot.






Much love from me

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