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   Chapter 23 NO.23

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[ Taylor swift - Gorgeous]


Since that incident, I become more alert with Gabriel and Gabriella food because I don't want they get into hospital again especially for Gabriella. It's a good thing that she already recover and become a hyper girl again. She just got discharged from hospital yesterday and Gabriel is most happiest person when he knew her twin sister going to discharge from the hospital. I didn't even told Elijah about this at all because I didn't want him to get worry and can't do his work. Besides, me and him didn't contact since I got home from his parents house. Maybe he's too busy.

Right now, I'm in the house and feel so lazy to go to work. So, I just use my boss power and told Hera to cancel all my meetings and appointments for today because I don't feeling well. Well that's a logic reasons. I just lay on my bed and didn't want to get up yet. Last night, three of us just celebrated for Gabriella who get out from hospital by watching movies and all of us slept really late. I bet the twin still fast asleep so I have time to pamper myself in bed. I just rolled my body with blanket and suddenly my phone ring. I groan and take my phone beside me. I just swipe to answer it didn't care who it is.

"Alexa!" I pull the phone away from my ear and I already know who it is. It's my one and only best friend, Thea.

"Gosh, woman. You're going to make me deaf in early age." I said and heard her laugh.

"Oops sorry bestie but I'm really happy because..." She didn't continue her sentence and that's make me really curious what she's gonna say.

"Tell me! What it is. Don't make me curious like this." I said.

"I'm. In. LOS ANGELES!!!" Again I have to put the phone away from my ear. But when I realised what she said, Smile appears on my lips and I quickly sit up.

"Seriously? Oh my god! I miss you so much." She just laughed.

"Well I miss you too my bestie. And I think I'm gonna die out here because it's cold." She said.

"What do you mean? Out there? Wait don't say...." I jump from my bed and run downstairs to go at the door. When I open the door, I see Thea standing while holding her phone at her ear also there's a luggage besides her.

"Alexa!!!" She hug me really tight. "I miss you so so so so so so

to the living room and sit with the twins. We watch the movie until late night. I look at the twins, they're already fall asleep and also for Thea, she also nearly fall asleep. I get up and pick Gabriella first to bring her upstairs then I saw Thea carrying Gabriel and follow me upstairs.

"Thanks Thea. You can go and sleep now. I can manage from here." Without any second she walk put from the room. She must be so tired. After I put blanket on them and kiss their forehead, I make my way to my room.

Just before I close my eyes, my phone light up. I see who send me messages in the middle of the night. It's Elijah. I open to read it.

'Baby, I miss you so much.'

'And also, I already know where the exact place for four of us go for our family vacation. I think we should go next week how about that? ;)'

'I didn't care where you're going to bring us for this vacation at least it's not too dangerous for the twins.' Sent. He reply it after a few seconds.

'Good then and don't worry it's safe. I can't wait to meet you.' He reply.

'I really wish that we could messages for a little bit longer but it's late and I have work tomorrow so talk later.'

'Oh :0. I'm so sorry. Forgot to check the time. Okay then sleep well and I love you, Alexa.' I read it and just put my phone next to me. I feel myself drift into sleep as soon as I close my eyes.






Much love from me

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