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   Chapter 22 NO.22

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[ Maroon 5 - what lovers do ]


I just stay at Elijah's parents house for two days and now, I'm back to my home sweet home with my lovely kids. This morning, I doing my morning routine and when I'm done, I walk out from the room and heading to the twins room. When I open their door, I see they still sleeping soundly on the bed. I didn't mean to wake them up but I need to because I need to bring them to my office today.

"Gabriel, Gabriella wake up sunshines. Hey." I said softly and I surprised when both of them didn't cry or anything but giving me the cutest smile. "Good morning my angels. Wake up and take a bath because both of you coming with me to my office." I said and they nodded their head and walk to the bathroom. That's so weird. They didn't even crying or whining this morning even though it's so early, it's 7:00 in the morning. I smile at them and can't believe they grow up so fast. "Mommy will wait for both of you downstairs okay? And also your clothes are on the bed.." They just said okay from the bathroom and I walk downstairs.

A moment later, I hear a doorbell and I quickly walk to the front door and open it. "Welcome back Ms and good morning." It's Dolly. She said with smile and I just hum in response. Well I still want to fired her because I don't like to get a Elijah's one night stand as my employer. I don't care if she said I'm not acting professional because I don't hear what people said.

"Dolly, I want to talk to you for a minute. Let's talk in the living room.." I said and walk into the living room then sit on in of the couch with her across me.

"Ms. Johnson? What do you want to talk about? It is about Gabriel and Gabriella?" She ask.

"No there's nothing to do with them. Well, I know you did a great job taking care of my children and also give them enough food to eat and all. But I think I don't need you to do all that anymore." I said to her.

"What do you mean Ms. Johnson? I don't understand." She look confused.

"Okay I just straight to the point then. You're fired." I said and she look shocked when I said that.

"B-but why?"

"Because I said do and from now, you don't need to come here anymore. Is that clear?" I said more firm.

"You know what, I think that's a good thing that you fired me cause I just too tired to take care of your children. Let me be honest to you then, well I never taking care of your children as great as you thought. I just let them do all the things by themselves even when it's come to eat but when I know they're Elijah Perkins son and daughter, I start to take care of them in real way." She said and that's make me feel so angry at her.

"What do you said? I paid you to take care of my children woman!" I said.

"Well You think I want to be a nanny that much? Sorry I just did that because of money. I didn't care." I stand up and walk to her then slap her face twice. She look so shocked and stand up. "What the heck?! Who do you think you are want to slap me like that?" She burst and then I slap her again.

"Get the hell out of my house you whore!" I said and she just huff and walk out from my house after she slammed the door close so loud. I sit on the couch and put my hands at my face.

"Mommy?" I look up to see the twi

hat you brought her here quickly." I let a relief sighed when he said that.

"But what happened to her until she become like that?"

"She might eating something that she can't eat and yes we find there's peanut butter in her clothes. I think that's the reason why she be like this." What?

"Oh no. She's allergic to that. When will she wake up?" I ask.

"Well that's a good thing that she didn't eat that much or else her condition will be more worse. We assume her to wake up in a few hours so If you want to go in and see her, you can now." With that the doctor walk away. I walk to the room and open the door. I can't hold my tears anymore when I see my daughter lay on the bed and unconscious like that. I put Gabriel down and hold his hand.

"Gabriella, I'm so sorry that I did my work until I forgot to look a the time." I said and wipe my tears.

"Gabby, you must be hungry now. Let's go and eat downstairs." I said and before I walk out, I kiss Gabriella's forehead. We go to the canteen and I buy chicken rice and one bottle of mineral water. "Here your food. Eat up." I said to him and smile.

"What about you?" He ask me.

"I'm still full. It's okay you can eat your food." I said but he lean back to the chair and crossed his arms. I raise my eyebrows at him. "Why?" I ask.

"I'm full too." He answer.

"Gabriel, you have to eat. Now, come I feed you." I said but still he didn't budge. "Okay okay, we will eat this together. How about that?" He smile and then start to eat one spoon then give me the spoon. I also eat one spoon. Both of us eat together until it finish. Then, I wash my hands and also Gabriel's hands.

After that, we make our way to the room that Gabriella in. I take a sit on the chair beside her bed and Gabriel just sit on the bed. "Mommy, why she sleeping so long?" He ask me.

"Well she will wake up soon. Just wait okay." I said and he nodded his head.

I need to find a new babysitter to take care them as soon as possible. I don't want this incident to happen again.






Much love from me

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