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   Chapter 20 NO.20

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[ Daya - Sit still, look pretty ]


Two days later.

Finally my work is done here so now, I'm on my way to the airport. Well last two days, Elijah just being so sweet and romantic to me. I guess he really changed now and when I forgave him at first, I feel it's not a good idea bit now it's different I feel this is the right thing to do. Even though he being sweet and all, I got mad at him after my talked with the twin cause he left a hickey on my neck and that's a good thing it's gone now.

My flight is in two hours so after I arrive at the airport, I decided to buy a coffee first. It became a routine for me to buy a coffee every morning. I love coffee can't blame me though.

I queue at the Starbuck and that's a good thing there's only a few people before me. When it comes to my turn, I order cappuccino and the cashier give my order after three minutes. I pay at her and then leave smile before walk and find a seat.

Suddenly, my phone ring. I take it out from my handbag and then look at hate caller. I smile when Elijah's name appear on the screen. I swipe to answer it.

"Hey baby. Why you didn't tell me that you check out from the hotel at 10?" He said as soon as I put the phone near my ear.

"I thought you already fly back to New York last night after you got a called from your worker. That's why I didn't called you." I explain and I heard he sighed.

"Where are you now? Airport? When is your flight?" He ask me too much quality in one sentence. Gosh.

"Yes I am at the airport and my flight is in two hours.." I reply.

"Okay just wait there and I will go to you now. I love you, see ya." With that I hang up the phone and smile. Well I miss him to be like this to be honest. I didn't care if he want to ask me thousands of questions because that's show that he worried and care about me. I take a sip of my cappuccino and look around because I got nothing to do.

After a few minutes, I stand up and throw my empty cup into the dustbin and I make my way to the McDonald to buy something to eat because I feel so hungry now. When I arrive in front of it, I stop because it's so crowded and the queue are too long to wait. I sighed and then walk back to my seat. I sit there for I don't know how long until someone gives me a chicken sandwiches. I look at the sandwiches and look up to see who it is. I smile after I saw Elijah standing in front of me and handing me chicken sandwiches. I immediately take it from him and open it.

What. I'm hungry as cotton candy so there's nothing wrong if I just eat it as soon as I got it.

"Looks like you've been so starving." He said and sit next to me. I just hum in response because my mouth is full. "Well let's go. Our plane is waiting." I look at him weirdly and quick swallow the food.

"What plane? My flight in one hour if you don't know." I said to him.

"Well just give that ticket to someone else because you're going to New York with me baby." He said.

"What are you talking about, Elijah? I already bought the ticket. It'll be waste if I miss this flight." I take a bite my chicken sandwich.

"I'm going home too. So let's go, baby." I look at him disbelief.

know is he smashed his lips to mine and kiss me fast. At first I shocked and then I kiss him back. The kiss is rough but passionate. He pull me to his bare chest more closer and kiss me deeply. I wrap my hands to my neck and playing with his hair. I can feel he moves and then I feel something soft behind me. It must be the bed. He pinned both of my hands next to my face and kiss me. He move to my jaw and then my neck. Without any warning, I let out of low moan and I can feel him smile while kissing my neck. His hand start to roan around my body and he massage my breast.

"Eli- I'm sorry I didn't see it." We both stop kissing when we heard Brianna's voice. I push Elijah aside and then stand up. I know Brianna still outside the door. So, I open the door and see Brianna with her red face outside the room. "You know, I didn't see much. Really I promise." She said and her face is so red. I smile at her and telling that's okay.

"Why? Do you need anything?" I ask her.

"Oh yeah, ummm mom told me to call both of you to come downstairs and have a tea with us." I nodded my head understand.

"Okay we will come in a few minutes." I said to her and she quickly walk downstairs. I shake my head and then walk inside the room back. I see Elijah is already in his clothes. That's a good thing.

"You want to continue our unfinished business?" He said and start walking to me and I quickly running to the bathroom and close the door. I take a deep breath and relief he can't catch me. I did my business in there and then go out. I see Elijah, is looking at his phone.

"Your mom, called us to have a tea with them. Let's go." I said and he immediately stand up and walk to me.

"What if we say that we're busy? Or maybe we're tired?" He said and hold my waist.

"No no no. Let's go." I said and he pouted his mouth. Then, I peck his lips and he smile again. With that, we walk down together and have a tea with his family also with Gabriel and Gabriella.






Much love from me

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