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   Chapter 19 NO.19

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[ The Vamps, Matoma - All night ]

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When I open my eyes, I see there's a woman beside me. I smile at it cause I'm so happy that I finally can be with her back even though she's not open her heart for me yet. I will take this chance to redeem back my fault to her. I will never waste it. I slowly get off from bed.

I make my way to bathroom and take a short shower. After a few minutes, I get out with towel wrap around my waist. I look at the bed to see Alexa still sleeping soundly and I guess she's tired. I walk to my closet and choose a pair of black jeans and white Tee to pair it with my black leather jacket. I wear my watch, spray cologne and put my phone and wallet in the pocket. When I walk out from the closet, Alexa still sleeping.

I go to her and sit on the side of the bed the move her hair from her face. She looks so beautiful when she sleep. I kiss her forehead and then look at her before decided to wake her up. I want to spend this few days with her at Italy. Maybe for a second honeymoon for us I hope she agree to it.

"Baby...." I wake her up and she just move a bit then sleep back. "Baby, wake up. Let's go and have breakfast.." I said softly and she open her eyes slowly. She close back when the sunlight hit her eyes.

"What time it is?" She asked.

"It's fifteen minutes to nine." I said and suddenly she wake up with her eyes widen. "Why?"

"Oh my god! I have meeting at nine and I might be late if I don't move now. Oh gosh." She get up from bed and find her heels and handbag. She looks so cute when she in hurry. I just sit on the bed and looking at her running around the room. "Where's my heels? I can't find it. Elijah! Help me to find it! Don't just sit there and watch! Come on. " She called me and I walk to the closet and take her heels. I put it when I saw her heels in the middle of the room.

"Here." I show her and she quickly run to me and take her heels.

"Now, let's go. You need to send me back to the hotel as soon as possible. Come on." She walk out from the room and I faster my pace to catch her. Gosh even in heels she sure walk so fast.


Now, I'm in the car and wait for her to finish her meeting at one of the company near the hotel. I look at the watch and then look outside to see if she already out or not.

I wait for a few minutes and I see her walk out from the company with smile on her face. I walk out from the car and stand in front of it. She look around and when she s

s because of my age too. Don't blame me."

"Mom, I call you because Alexa really want to talk to the twin. Where are they?" I said.

"Alexa? Wait she's there? Oh my god! Yes! Finally you and her together back again. Okay okay I will be wait for both of you to come here. Oh about the twin, wait for a minute." I look at her and kiss her cheek. After a moment, she come back and I can hear Gabriel and Gabriella's voice.

"Mommy! Daddy!" They said in unison.

"Hey my sunshines. How are you?" Alexa take my phone and talk to them. I just let her.

"I'm good but Gabriella cried last night before she missed you." Gabriel said.

"Gabriella, I miss you too. I will come back in two days wait for me okay?"

"Okay! Yay!!" Gabriel and Gabriella sounds so happy.

We talked to Gabriel and Gabriella for a few minutes until my mom said the twin need to take their nap. I can see sad expression through her face when she hung up the phone.

"Baby, don't be sad. You can meet them in two days." I said and hug her.

"I have an idea, how about we go to for a family vacation next month? How about that?" She asked me and look at my face.

"Well, if you give me a kiss I can agree to it immediately." She looks at me for awhile.

"Nah I don't want. Don't." Then I peck a kiss on her lips.

"Well that's fine. Of course I will go. I love you and our kids and I really want us to go to a vacation sometimes." She smile.

Finally, my dreams come true. Four of us will become a very happy family. Even though she's not fully forgive me.






Much love from me

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