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   Chapter 18 NO.18

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[ Shawn Mendes - There's nothing holding me back ]


Elijah brought me to the some expensive restaurant. Even though I'm pissed with him, I still eat the food that he order for both of us. He order me a pasta and also a mushroom soup and for him, he order lasagna. I eat it fast cause I don't want to be with him too long. Right now, my mind just want to get out from here and back to the hotel.

After a few minutes, we finally finished our dinner which is good. The food is so delicious and I have to come back here again but not with him. We're in the car and on our way to go back to our hotel.

Then, I look around to see its not the right way to go back to the hotel. I remembered the road and I'm so sure it's not the right way. "This is not the road to go back to the hotel. Elijah, don't do anything stupid." I said and my heart feel uneasy out of sudden. What if he planning to do something bad to me because I don't want to accept him. God please help me.

"I'm not going to do anything bad to you. I just want to talk about us." He said and I look at him.

"We don't have anything to talk, Elijah." I said and crossing my arms to my chest. "Now, let's turn the car and go back to the hotel." I said but he doesn't follow what I said and just drive straight. "Elijah! I said let's go back!" He didn't listen so the best thing to do is I just keep quiet and look outside the window.

After a few minutes, we arrive at the one of the condominium that in Italy. Elijah park the car and get out from it. I didn't want to get out from it until Elijah open the door for me. "Let's go." He said and I get out from the car and follow Elijah inside that condominium. I look around to see all the decorations and design are so pretty and I can see this

said and I just nodded my head.

"You didn't let me finish my sentence back there. So, here's the thing." He look at me. "I did said that I give you a chance but not for you to get in my heart because I'm not that dumbto get hurt again. Actually, I give you a chance to be a father to Gabriel and Grabiella. That's it. So stop being so happy." I finally said and his face drop immediately.

"W-what? I-I dont understand." He said.

"I know you know what I meant. I'm tired. Can I sleep here tonight?" I turned to look at him and he smile weakly to me.

"Of course, baby you can."He answer me and with that I lay my back and turned my back to face him. I close my eyes to make myself sleep.

A moment later, the feel hands wrap around my waist. "I don't think this is necessary. It's not like I want this." I open my eyes to see him.


"Get off or I'm going back to the hotel." I said sternly and his hand move to from my waist. He makes some gap between us and I close my eyes to sleep.


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