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   Chapter 16 NO.16

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[ Sam Smith - Pray ]


I'm happy to see that Gabriel and Gabriella so comfortable with my family. I hope Alexa is here too. Where is she going? She didn't even let me know. Of course she wouldn't tell you. Is not like you anyone important to her. My conscience reply.

"Elijah.." I turned to see my mom is sitting besides me. "Yeah mom?" I ask.

"Why don't you bring Alexa here too. I really miss her." She said and that's make me feel bad for her.

"Well mom you know me and Alexa are not in a good term. I think she really need time to herself and I think it's better not to force her. Maybe soon if I success making her back with me, I'll bring her here. Don't worry mom." I said and she just nodded her head.

"Just a minute, I have to make a call." With that I get up from my seat and walk inside the house to call my private investigator.

"Yes sir." He pick up after a few rings.

"I have work for you. I want you to investigate where is Alexa going and let me know as soon as possible. I'll double your pay if you can get it before tonight. That's it." I said.

"Will do sir." I hang up the phone and walk out to the yard to see, y parents and the twin are so happy.


Now, I'm in my private jet on my way to Italy. Well I have to meet Alexa cause I want her to be back in my arms. I will make sure this time, she will forgive me and let me redeem my mistakes towards her. My private investigator doing his job well. That's a good thing that my parents didn't ask that much about my sudden urge to go to Italy. I don't want them to know why I need to go there because I don't want to make them said a thing that makes me feel like I don't have to go.

I just take a nap a few times before we landed on Italy. After a long hours of fly, I finally landed. I get out to see there's a black SUV waiting for me and bring me to th

s me back and I just take a chance to put the tongue in her mouth but fail. She push me and look at me breathless. "Elijah we're in public." She said and that's make me smile at her.

"So, if we're mot in public, you'll let me kiss you more deeply?" I smirk and her eyes widen and I can see her face start to red. She must feel embarrassed from what I said.

"Stop it. I have to go now." She said but I caught her wrist before she could walk far from me.

"Why don't you come and spend your time with me today? It'll be much fun." I said and try to bring her to my car.

"Wait wait. I didn't even agree to it yet and why are you pulling my hand to your car? You know I'm t-" I kiss her and look at her after I break it. She open her mouth but nothing coming out from it. I know she might shocked from my sudden move.

"Let's go, baby." I bring her to my car and this time she doesn't said anything. "We will have so much fun today. Just consider it as our first date." I said to her after I got into the car. I smile to her and drive to the place that I know that she like it.






Much love from me

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