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   Chapter 15 NO.15

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[ Drake - Hold on we're going home ]


I know now my heart is starting to betray me right now. I can't let this happen cause I might get hurt for the second times. That's a good thing that he have to go back to New York. So, the last time I saw him was at the fair and that was two weeks ago. Right now, I'm at the coffee shop near my office. I order hot cappuccino because the weather is cold.

Right after I got out from the shop, I nearly drop my coffee because I bump into someone. That's a good thing because my coffee not spill to his suit. Gosh, that's a clumsy move.

"I'm sorry.." I said and walk past him.

"Alexa?" I stop after I heard my name is being called. I turned around to see someone who is somewhat familiar but I can't remembered when did I met him. "Alexa right?" He ask again. I nodded my head in confusion.

"You know me?" I ask dumbly.

"It's me, Joseph. Elijah's best friend, Joseph Sanchez. You can't remembered my handsome face?" I look at him but still I can't remember him it's because when I was Elijah' wife, he just brought me to meet his friends like twice or three times. That's why I can't remembered that face.

"Ummm hello. Nice to meet you." I said and this is really awkward. He pull out his hand for a handshake and I take his hand. I smile at him.

"Are you busy? Can we have a talk?" He ask and I found myself nodding my head. "Cool, let's go." He lead me into the shop back. We seat at the empty table near the window. I put my coffee on the table and look at him.

"What do you want to talk about?" I ask.

"Well I just want you to accept and take Elijah back." He said and that got my attention.

"Are you here because he ask you to talk to me like this?" I ask and he just shake his head no.

"Elijah didn't ask me to do anything. It just I think I should help him to get you back. You know what, he's change and all he want is you not anyone else." He explain.

"Of course you could said all this because he is your best friend." I heard him take a deep sighs.

"Alexa, You know, I'm not the man that easily said this to woman I but think I have to. Please accept him

y then, I guess we will get going." He hug me tightly and then smile at me when he released the hug. When he start to walk away, I called him and that's make him turn around. "Hmmm?"

"I forgot to tell you this, Gabriella can't eat peanut butter cause she have allergic. I hope you remember that. If she eat peanut butter she will have to stay at the hospital for one whole week." I said to him.

"Gosh that's suck. Thanks baby, for telling me that. I love you." With that he walk to the car and as soon as he get in The car, his driver drive away. I look at the car which is slowly fading away. Well tonight will be so bored and silent because the twin not here.

I get in the house and heading to my room. I have to take a shower and take a rest. It's been a while since I pampered myself. So I decided to take a long bath. After one hour in there or maybe more I don't know, I finally get out from the bathroom with bathrobe wrap around my body.

I just look at my phone and buy my ticket to Italy in two days. Then, I walk inside my walk in closet and wear my night gown. After that, I think it's already ten or something cause I feel so tired and sleepy. The next thing I do is lay in my bed and close my eyes. It's only take about a few seconds before I slowly drift to sleep.






Much love from me

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