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   Chapter 14 NO.14

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****Author's note at the end.******

[ Michael Learns To Rock - I'll wait for you ]


To be honest, I can't even sleep last hight cause I'm to nervous about today. Even though I already met Gabriel and Gabriella a few times, but still this is the first time I meet them as their father. I can't even stop smiling when yesterday I heard both of them called me dad. It's the feeling that I can't describe.

And today, I'm going out with my own family. I wait for this time long enough and now it's time for me to spend time with them. I choose the right clothes to wear for today. It's in the picture below.

When I'm done, I spray cologne on me then wear my watch. I take my phone and wallet along with my car keys. I walk out from my room and go towards the lift in side my penthouse. Of course I have a house here and I bought this penthouse when I know that Alexa live in Los Angeles. It's because it's easy to meet her if I have a house here and also my penthouse just like a few minutes from her house which is good.

When I arrive at the lobby, I walk and go to my car. I unlock it and get in. A moment later, I drive to the place that Alexa text me last night. It's a good thing that the road are not full with cars. It take likes twenty minutes for me to arrive at the fair? Okay that's not that weird cause today is Saturday so I guess why not. Just then, I remembered about me and Alexa went to a fair one month after we got married. It's so much fun. I got her big teddy bear and she really loves it until I felt jealous over that teddy bear.


"Baby! Hurry up we might get late!" I heard my gorgeous wife shouting from downstairs. "Yeah yeah I'm ready. Gosh the fair is not going to run anywhere. Why you so eager to go there tho?" I ask her.

"of course I am cause it's been a while since I last went to the fair and I'm so excited. Let's go." She pull my hand and we got into my car. I look at her then smile. My wife is so cute.

When we arrive to the fair, I parked my car in the empty spot and then Alexa just dashed out and walk to the entrance. Well she is excited. I lock my car and walk to her. "Let's go in now. Why are you walk like an old man, Baby." We walk into the fair and the first thing we ride is a spiderman ride. Well it's not that scary as roller coaster though but yeah still Alexa screaming like we're going to die soon. I heard she said that she doesn't want to die too early cause she wants to build a family with me and our fu

briel, Gabriella said bye to your dad." Alexa said and the twin run to me and kiss my cheeks and hug me. I wish I can be with them every day without saying goodbye like this. After our little goodbye, they walk to the car and leaving me with Alexa alone.

"I have so much fun today. Thanks." I said.

"Me too. Thanks for spending time with them. They're so happy today." She said and I'm happy that she is happy too.

Then the next thing I do is that the thing I've been dying to do since this morning I met her

I kiss her and what surprised me more is that she just let me kiss her. Not long after, she kiss me back. I feel so happy because at least I know she didn't mad at me like before. We kissed sweetly and passionately. That kiss only last for two minutes because she break it. "I need to go now. Bye." She said and when she want to walk to her car, I grab her wrist and kiss her one more time.

"I will wait for you until you ready to be with me again, Alexa. I love you and that's feeling will never change I promise you." I said and let her go to her car. I just watch her get in and drive away.

I will wait for you.


Hey! I'm so sorry because it's been a while since I last updated. It's just I've been super duper busy and stress because of my final exam. Also, another reason is that my wifi just got cut off by my mom that's why I can't update it. Anyways, I'm hoping you guys are still liking this story so far. Hope you enjoy it. ;)





Much love from me

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