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   Chapter 13 NO.13

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Yesterday supposed to be fun day with my children but it's turn out to be a really bad one because of that man. Right now, I'm in the dining room and eat breakfast with the twins. "Gabriel, Gabriella mommy got one thing to tell you." I said and both of them look at me confused.

"Okay I hope you guys can accept all this. I know both of you still young but I need to tell you this." I said and take a deep breath. "Well Do you love that uncle?" I ask.

"I love him but what if dad mad at me cause I love uncle more than him." Gabriella said.

"I love him." Gabriel said.

"Well I don't know how to tell you this but to be honest he's..... Ummm your dad." I finally said it and look at Gabriel and Gabriella waiting for their reactions.

"We don't believe it!" They said in unison and run out from the dining room leaving me alone. I know even though they're still kids, I know they need time to accept what I said to them earlier. At least Dolly is here to look at them. I take my handbag and off to work.


I'm stressing out about my new designs and my new upcoming fashion week. I look at the designs I make and choose the best one. Just then my office door open and when I look up to see who it is, yep my day is stressed out and now it's completely ruin.

"Why do you need to appear in front of my face?" I ask him and standing in front of him. "I already told Gabriel and Gabriella about you and I think they'll accep


Just then, my phone ring. I take it out from my handbag and look it's Elijah. I sighed and pick it up. "Hello."

"Hello, Alexa. I miss you." He said. I rolled my eyes and look at the twins.

"Umm can we meet tomorrow? Cause Gabriel and Gabriella want to meet you." I said and when both of them know that I talk to Elijah they try to take my phone. So, I put my phone on loud speaker.

"Dad! dad!" Both of them called him. I feel like this is the right thing. I smile.

"Dad? Wait Alexa did they-"

"Yes did you forgot about it. I told you this morning." I heard him chuckle.

"Yeah yeah I remembered it. So, we will meet tomorrow?" He ask again and I reply yes to him.

"Okay then see three of you tomorrow. Bye my love life." With that he hang up and I feel my lips turn into a smile now. I already feel we're going to be a happy family.


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