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   Chapter 12 NO.12

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[ Why don't We - Invitation ]

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As I think about his messages that he sent to me like two days ago makes me think maybe I should tell Gabriel and Gabriella about Elijah. I think that's not going to be a problem cause they already seems to like Elijah especially Gabriella.

Currently, I'm taking my day off cause I want to spend my time with my children. I think I've been busy these days and seems like I neglect the twins. I feel bad for them so yeah I take a day off from any work today and decided to bring them out and have fun the whole day today. As soon as I wake up, I pull my hair into a low bun and then walk out from my room to see if the twins already wake up or not. I walk to their rooms and it's empty. That's mean they're already wake up.

I went downstairs to see the twins. I walk into the living room to see them playing with Dolly. Then I remembered about our conversation about Elijah. I still can't believe she's one of the women who was slept with Elijah. Gosh.

"Hey my pumpkins." I said when I see they didn't notice me. They turned around and when they see me, they get up from their place and come to me. I open my arms to let they hug me.

"You want to spend time with mommy today?" I said and suddenly their eyes full of excitement.

"Yes! Yes! Yes! Want it!" They jump in excitement and then hug each other. I smile warmly by their behaviour and then look at Dolly who is looking at us now.

"Ummm Dolly, I want you to change their clothes cause I want to bring them out today. And also you can go home today take a rest." I said and she nodded her head then smile at me.

"I will get ready now and both of you go and change your clothes too." I said and they just ran upstairs without waiting for Dolly. I walk to my room back and take my towel to take a shower. I wrap my body with towel before get out from the bathroom. Get into my walk in closet and pick my baby blue rip jeans and wear my white Tee also pair with my black leather jacket. I sit at my vanity table and start doing my make up, I put a bit eyeshadow and along with mascara. Then apply blusher, and all the thing that women put on their face but I still make sure that m

around and that's Elijah.

"What do you want?" I ask with angry voice.

"Mommy." I look at the twins and then force myself to smile. "Just stay there for a second okay. Mommy will talk to this uncle." They nodded their heads. I walk a bit far from the car because I don't want the twins to hear it.

"Alexa please I want you back. Don't do this to me. I know I deserve this but you can't be selfish." He said to me.

"Selfish? What did I do huh?" I question him.

"I already told my parents about the twins and they really want to meet their grandchildren. Please..." He try to hold my hands but I pull my hands away.

"Fine take them and bring to your parents. No matter what they still your blood. I will tell them the truth and then you can take them to meet your parents." I said.

"What about you? You didn't want to meet my parents? They miss you too, Alexa." I miss them too because they're like my own parents.

"Listen here really carefully Elijah. Maybe you can take the twins heart but not me. I. Will. Never. Go. Back. To. You." I poked his chest a few times then I look at his face who look so broken? Pain? Whatever cause he deserves it. This is just a little of my pain that I felt.

I walk to my car and get in. Turned my head to look at Elijah then look at the road and start to drive home.


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