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   Chapter 11 NO.11

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I have to go back to New York today because I have something to take care of at my company. I don't want to go back yet because I still don't get Alexa in my arm yet. I want her and I know this time I'll never humiliating her again just like I did before. I love her so much and I know I'm stupid cause I cheated on her.

Right now, I'm in the private jet right now. Well at least I can spend my time with her and my children yesterday. Even though it's only for a few minutes.I have about one hour more to land at New York. So I decided to do my works.


I went straight to my company after I landed to finish some unfinished work that I left. I do my work for I don't know how long cause now I feel so tired. Just then, my phone ring and I pick it up and look who is calling me. It's my mom. I immediately pick it up.

"Hey mom. Why are you calling me?" I ask her as soon as I pick it up.

"Why I can't call my son now? Do I have to make a appointment to call my own son?" She questions me.

"No no mom it's just I'm just curious why are you calling me." I reply.

"Well I want you to come home and have a dinner with us because it's been like a month since you come home." She said and yes it's been a month I go home meet my family and of course I miss them.

"Yeah mom, I will go home tonight. But now let me finish my work first." I said.

"Don't get to tired son, it's not good for you."

"Yeah mom I know. Bye talk later."

"Okay bye." With that she hang up and I put my phone beside my paper work. I continue to do my work and when I feel like my job is nearly done, I close the file and arranged all the paperwork and get ready to go home, I mean my family house.

I take my blazer and my phone then walk out from my office and walk towards the lift. It's 7:10 pm and all the employees are already going home.

Once I get to the lobby, I walk out and the security greet me. I just give him a nodded and then walk to my car.


obey it and walk upstairs. After both of them are gone, both of my parents looking at me. "What?" I ask blankly.

"Since Brianna bring out about your children topic, I want to ask you. Did Alexa already pregnant before you guys got divorced?" My mom ask me with her serious face.

"I didn't know that she's pregnant that time." I reply.

"So that's mean it is true? That you already have a child now?" My dad question me.

"Yeah, I already have a children. Alexa pregnant with twins and their name are Gabriel and Gabriella. I just knew it not even a month.." I said and they nodded their heads.

"I hope you can bring them to meet us soon cause I really want to meet my grandchildren." My mom said and I nodded weakly. Thinking about bring three of them meet my parents is not an easy thing.

"Mom, dad, I'm tired cause I just arrived here this afternoon and I think I need to have a rest now. I'm going upstairs first then. Goodnight." I dismissed myself and that's a good thing that non of them try to stop me from going out to my room. To be honest I just don't want to give them a false hope about meeting their grandchildren cause I don't know if Alexa ever be able to forgive me or not.


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