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   Chapter 10 NO.10

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[ Christina Perri - Thousand Years ]

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I wake up to see that I'm already in my bed. To be honest, I don't even remembered coming home last night. All I remembered was that I sit on the bench at the park and looking at the big lake then trying to forget everything happened. I take my phone on the night stand and look at the time. My eyes widen when the time showing is 10:05 in the morning.

"Oh shit!" I curse under my breath and quickly running towards the bathroom to take a short shower. After like good five minutes, I walk out and dash into my walk in closet. I just pick my pink dress and make my hair into a ponytail. I take my beige heels and wear it. I just put some mascara, pink lipstick a lit bit blusher. Well even though I'm owner of my design company, I can't be late to go work.

I take my handbag and phone then walk out to go downstairs. "Hey Gabriel and Gabriella. I'm sorry I can't watch movies with you last night." I said.

"Mommy... We miss you." They said and I look at them with sad eyes. "Honey, I'm so sorry. I promise to both of you that this evening we'll go to the playground. Alright?"

"Yay! Yay!" Then they jump in excitement.

"Now I need to go to work first. Bye honey. Be good to Dolly." I kiss their forehead and then I walk out. Well at least the road is not too busy. I arrive at my office in ten minutes.

When I arrive, I parking my car at my reserved spot. I get out and walk into the lobby. I smile when my employees said good morning to me. Waiting for the lift and walk in when the door lift open.

"Good morning Ms. Johnson." Hera said as soon as I arrive at the 20th floor.

"Morning Hera." I said and walk straight to my office. Just then Hera called me makes me stop midway and turned to look at her.

"Ummm Ms. there's flowers for you. It's arrive this morning." She give me the flowers. I look at her and the flowers in confusion.

"Who give me this?" I ask and she just shake her head no. "Okay then thanks." I take the flower and bring i

nd all.


Right now, I'm in my bed and it's already nearly midnight. Today was tiring but yeah at least it's fun to spend time with my children. Suddenly my mind remembered about what Dolly said to me earlier. She was his one night stand and I didn't know it.

I shake my head from the thought and look at my phone. There's a few messages from Elijah. I sighed cause he never had enough to disturb me. I open it.

"I hope you can tell Gabriel and Gabriella soon about my real identity to them."

"I want to build a happy family with three of you."

"I know you're not sleep yet. I hope when you read this you can consider it. I still love you."

I look at the messages for a few seconds before close it. Do I have to tell Gabriel and Gabriella this soon? What if they can't accept all this? But if I don't tell them, they will hate me if they know about this when they big enough. Should I tell them or not?

I look blankly at the wall and thinking about it. Maybe I should tell them about this because no matter I hate Elijah, he still the father of the twins and also they hold Elijah's last name, Perkins. No matter how much I hate him, he still have the right to be with his children.


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