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   Chapter 9 NO.9

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[ Christina Perri - Jar of Hearts ]

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I open my phone to see that I got a few messages from my Secretary and then the other is from Elijah. I just ignore his messages and replying my secretary. After that, I blocked him because I don't want anything to be with him. I get up from my bed and walk towards the bathroom. I undress myself and then taking a shower. I feel relax when the warm water fall on my body. After a few minutes, I walk out from the bathroom with my bathrobe and also a towel on my head to dry my hair.

I walk into my walk in closet to choose outfit of the day. After I stare at all my dresses and all, I decided to wear a white blouse with my black pencil skirt. Then I turn on the hairdryer to make my hair dry more fast. I just comb my hair to make it straight. For my makeup, I just put a simple but elegant make up that match with my appearance today. I look at the time and quickly take my black pump.

I walk out from my room after I'm done with my appearance. Walking downstairs to see that the twins already wake up and waiting for me in front of the dining room. "Mommy! Goood morning!" They said in unison and I smile at their cuteness. "Goooood morning to both of you." I kiss their cheeks and walk inside to have our breakfast.

"Good morning Ms. Johnson." Dolly said as soon as I enter the dining room with smiling. "Morning Dolly. Come and eat breakfast with us." I said and she just nodded and sit beside Gabriella.

"Mmmm I love pancakes.." Gabriella said and shove the pancakes into her mouth making her mouth full. While Gabriel is putting more nuteella on his pancakes. I love to see that my babies eat well. I eat mine until the last bite.

"Twins, mommy have to go to work now." I said and grabbing my handbag. They come to me and hug me. "Don't be naughty alright? Be nice and one more thing don't fight." I said to them. I said the same thing to them everyday to be honest cause I want them to be a good kids. They nodded their head and hug me a

u please take care of them until late night cause I think I'll arrive home late today. You can sleep in the guest room. Can you?" I ask cause I need sometimes alone to forget about everything that happen today.

"Oh yeah sure. I can do that." She reply.

"Ok then that's it. Tell them I am sorry cause I can't watch movie with them. Bye." With that I hang up and lean my head back. I close my eyes and take a deep breath.

When I open my eyes, I slowly arranged all the papers on my table then pick my phone and handbag. I walk out from my office to see Hera is doing her work. "Hera, cancel all my appointments for today. I didn't feel good." I said.

"Alright Ms. Johnson." With that I offer her with a weak smile and then get down to the lobby.

After I get into my car, I just drive to the nearest park here. That's a good thing that it's not to many people in this park. I look at the time, it's 1:45 pm. I take seat and look at the lake in front of me. It's make me calm.

I'm sorry Elijah but I can't accept you back in my life cause you leave me a really deep scars in my heart. It's so hurt. I hope you will stay away from me like you did three years ago.

Don't ever come back.


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