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   Chapter 8 NO.8

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[ Dua Lipa - New Rules ]

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It's been two days since I met Elijah and I am really thankful that he's not follow me again. Right now, I'm packing my bag cause I'm going back to LA this evening. Suddenly my phone ring. I take it and look at the caller then immediately pick it up.

"Hey gal! How are you? I miss you so so so much. Oh how about my nephew and niece?" I smile when I hear her voice.

"Hey Thea. Gosh it's been like a month since you last called me. I'm doing good here but a bit disappointed cause you didn't come to my launch. And yeah the twins are doing good and get so naughty now." I reply.

"Awhhhh Lexa, I'm so sorry. My boss can't let me have my leave cause there's a new project coming up and I need to make the design." She said and I bet she make her cute face even though I can't see it.

"Haha it's fine, Thea. I just miss you so much. I hope we can meet up soon. Oh yeah, I have something to tell you." I said to her.

"What? Don't tell me-" I cut her off cause if not, she will start her nonsense assumption.

"I met Elijah two days ago. He said that he want me back." All I hear is silence. "Hello?"

"Then what did you said to him?" She ask.

"I just said that I'll never go back to him. But there's something in my heart feel so hurt when I said like that to him. I think I still love him. What should I do?"

"Well Lexa, listen to me. No matter what happen, just let him begging to you cause he deserves that. He's the one who want to get divorced with you. So, just don't go to him and make him suffer. He need t

bathroom and take a long bath after I let the twins sleep. I close my eyes to relax my body and my mind. After my fingers have wrinkles on it, I decided to get out. I pick my night gown and then straight go to my bed. Today is stressful day. I need a lot of rest. I close my eyes to sleep.


My phone. I take it on the night stand and look who the one who message me. It's an unknown number. I open it and read the message.

"Alexa, no matter how hard you try to push me from your life, I will always come back to you. I know that I did a huge mistake three years ago but please forgive me and think about our children. I will do anything to take you back. I will make you mine back Alexa cause I love you." I read it and I know who the one sen it to me. Of course it's Elijah. Without any warning, my tears come out from my eyes like a waterfall. I cry until I feel myself tired and then drift to sleep.


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