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   Chapter 7 NO.7

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[ Taylor Swift - Look What You Made Me Do ]

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Now, I'm at the park cause the twins force me to bring them out today. So yeah here I am. "Mommy! Help me to get on this." That's Gabriella. She pointed at the swing while Gabriel already on it beside her. I walk to them then pick up Gabriella and let her sit on the swing.

I push them both and they're laughing. I smile to see how happy they are now. I hope this happiness will last forever. After a few minutes, they told me to stop them.

"Mommy let's go eat." Both of the, said in unison.

"Fine let's go. Hold my hands." They hold my hands and I walk with them to the nearest restaurant. I just decided to bring them eat at the Italian restaurant which is just like five minutes walk. We get in and walk to the empty table.

"Mommy I'm hungry...." Gabriella whined while holding her stomach. "I know baby, but what do you want to eat? You didn't choose yet." She quickly snatch the menu from Gabriel hand and look at it.

"Hey! That's mine give it back!" And now both of them are fighting over one book of menu.

"Twins stop fighting give me that. Now." I take the menu and just choose the food. After a few minutes, the food finally came and we eat in silence even though not to silence.


Right now, me and the kids are at the shopping mall. I want to buy them toys cause they don't have too much toys. So why not.

"Mommy, can we buy the lego set?" Gabriel ask and I nod. "Ummm I want barbie." Gabriella said.

"Barbie is not cool, lego set is th

ced with her was the biggest mistake you ever done. Now, see what happen. You're like licking your saliva that you already spit." He said and take a sip of his coffee.

"Next week I'm going to Paris for my new project there. You want to come with me?" He ask me. "I have lots of work to do so... No." He just shrugged.

"Well how long will go there?"

"Maybe 2 or 3 days." He answer and I just nodded. We talk like a few hours and now I'm already in my office cause I still have like stack of work to do.

Just then, I pick my phone and make a call. "Yes sir." That's my private investigator.

"Jake, I want you to do something for me but not investigate. I want you to follow Alexa Johnson everywhere she goes and then I want you to tell me the details." I commanded.

"I understand sir. Anything else?" He ask me. "No that's it." With that I hang up my phone and continue my work.


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