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[ James Arthur - Say You Won't Let Go ]

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"Gabriel, Gabriella wake up. We're here." Literally, we're in the plane and finally after a few hours flight, we're already landed in New York.

"Mommy, where are we?" Gabriella ask me with sleepy eyes while Gabriel yawn and try to sleep again. Gosh this is gonna be hard cause this is the first time three of us ride a plane together. "Gabby, please wake up. You can continue your sleep when we arrived at hotel. Wake up." I wake him up but he end up cry but not to loud. That's a relief.

"Ummm miss, I'm sorry but you need to get out from this plane." One of the stewardess said to me with smile. "Okay just give me a minute." I carried Gabriel and hold Gabriella's hand with my free hand.


That's a good thing that three of us already arrived at the hotel. My body feel hurt cause I had to carry Gabriel even in the taxi. He sure sleep a lot while Gabriella is always hungry. They still have different personality even though they're twins.

"Mommy, I'm hungry." Gabriel pull my dress. I look at her disbelief.

"Gabriella, you just eat like 20 minutes ago." I said and she begin to whine. "Fine, fine. Mommy will call the room service." No matter what, she's my daughter. I won't let my children starving.


It's 6:15 and I only got about another fifteen minutes before my driver pick us up and go to the launching. Gosh, I'm so

ir there and take a big breath. I close my eyes for a second. "I need to see the twins." I mumble to myself and get up to see how the twins doing.

"Hey kids." I said and they run to me. "Woah why?" I ask them.

"We're miss you mommy. You gone for so long." Gabriella said and pouting.

"I'm sorry, I'm just soooo busy earlier but now, I'm not. Besides the event already come to the end so we can go back to hotel in a few minutes." I look at Gabriella and then look at Gabriel who already ready to fall asleep in any time.

The event took about five hours and it's 12:03 in the midnight. Well the event was successfully success. I'm so happy because of that. So, I don't mind even my body is already tired cause it's worth it.


After I take a shower, I take the twins to shower too and then now they're already fell asleep on the bed soundly. I yawn a few times so that's mean I have to sleep too. I kiss their foreheads then sleep.


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