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Three years later

"Ms. Johnson." I look up to see my secretary, Hera come and standing in front of me.

"Yes? Anything?" I said and smile at her.

"Actually you have meeting now and everyone are waiting for you." My eyes widen cause I totally forgot about that meeting.

"Oh god. How can I forget about it. Let's go now." I said and take my phone also with the file that need for the meeting. We walk out and go to the meeting room to see that everyone are here. "I'm sorry I'm late. Can we start now?" With that the meeting start.

Well as you know, I have my own boutique now. I start to open my own company and now here I am. A fashion designer and I really happy with it. I have more than 5 boutiques and one at London, one at Milan the other 3 are at where I start my dream, Los Angeles. I start my new life here with all the money I got from my part time job and now my income already stable.

The meeting is about my new branch at Brooklyn, New York. The launching will held in three days and of course I feel excited and a bit nervous.


The moment I open the door, my babies run towards me and hug my feet. Yup you heard it right, my babies. I'm pregnant with twins one boy and one girl, Gabriel and Gabriella and of course that's my other happiness that happened in my life. Thea was the one who helped me through all this. I'm really glad that I got a best friend like her. Now, she's stay at Paris cause she got a job there as a interior designer. It's been two years she move there bit we're still contact each other and met some time.

"Hey my love." I hug both of them then kiss their cheeks. I put my handbag on the table and walk to the living room with them. "So, tell me what are you doing today?" I ask.

"We eat." Gabriel and Gabriella said in unison and that's make me laugh cause they're so cute.

"That's it?" I look at both of them.

"We play, sleep and eat." Gabriel said and then he grin at me. Then Dolly, the nanny that I hired to take care of my babies walk into the living room. "Oh hey Dolly." I said and she send me a smile.

"Umm Ma'am. They not taking their shower yet. May I take them and go shower?" She said.

"Oh if that so alright. I want to bring them to the playground so don't let them wear their pyjamas yet." I said and then Gabriel and Gabriella sequel in happiness. "Are you guys happy? Now, go and take your shower then we can go." They immediately run to Dolly and grab her arms upstairs.

I make my way to my room too. I take a quick shower and pick the casual outfit. I put my hair in low bun then walk out from my room. I wait for them at the living room and a few minutes later, I heard their footsteps running down the stairs. "Mommy let's go!" They said in unison and I walk to see them already stand at the door with excited face.

"Dolly you can go home now. I can manage." She nodded her head and take ber bag to go home.


"Gabriel, Gabriella don't run. Oh gosh." I said while shaking my head. They're so hyper. I just look at Gabriel and Gabriella playing on the playground while sitting on one of the bench there. I smile looking at both of them. They're so cute. Gabriel have dark brown hair and brown eyes while Gabriella have light brown and brown eyes too.

Suddenly my phone ring sign that I have messages come in and I quickly take it out from my pocket and look who is it. I look at the messages and it's one of my employee. I open the message and re

ad it.

After a few minutes, I close my phone and look at the playground to see if Gabriel and Gabriella are okay. I look around but they're not there. Suddenly, I feel so anxious and immediately get up from my seat and look for them. "Gabriel! Gabriella!" I shouted but they're not there.

I look around the whole park but still can't find them. Suddenly my tears come out without any warning. No, they can't be missing. I need to find them. God help me. I wipe my tears and look back at the playground.

Just then, I saw them at one of the table near the playground and eating ice cream? I run to them and see they're eating ice cream peacefully. I take a deep breath of relief and sit next to Gabriella.

"Where are you guys went? Huh? You know you makes me have a heart attack." I said and both of them just grin at me with their innocence faces.

"That kind uncle bring us to the ice cream shop and buy us this." Gabriel said. "Kind uncle? Who's that? Why are you not telling me Gabriel, what if he is a kidnapper? You might never see me again." I said.

"No mommy, he's good. You're busy so, he just bought us ice cream. Sorry mommy." Gabriella said and look at me with her kitten eyes. Gosh this kid know how to make my heart soft.

"Fine this time both of you been forgiven but next time don't follow some stranger alright?" They nodded their head and continue to eat their ice cream.

"After this, both of you have to take another shower cause your getting dirty." I said and look at them. Both of them have ice cream all over their face and shirts.

We're now on our way to go home. It's not taking to long to arrive at hime cause the park is not that far it just take about 10 minutes by car.

I take them out from the car and walk with them inside the house. "Now go to your room and open your clothes then put it in the basket." I said and they walk upstairs.

I get into my room and put my handbag and phone on the bed then go to their room to get them clean. It's a disaster to let them both take a bath together cause right now, I'm drenched like I've been take a bath too. That's a good thing that it's finished.

I walk downstairs after I change into new clothes. I cook our dinner and when it's done, I call the twins to come down. "Sit first I take your bip to prevent the food fall on your pjs." They take their seat.

The times is nearly ten now. "Gabriel, Gabriella, let's go to bed now." I walk into the living room and switch off the television. I hold both of their hands and walk upstairs together.

"You guys need a good sleep cause tomorrow we're going to New York." I said when I set them on the bed.

"Mommy, Can I ask something?" Gabriel ask. "What it is honey?" I replied.

"Did our dad is kind like the kind uncle that we met at the playground?" He ask makes me raised my eyebrows.

"Why are you suddenly ask that?" They never ask about Elijah and this is the first time they ask.

"Cause he's so kind. He said if he met us again, he will buy us another things." Gabriella reply.

"Ummm yeah your dad is a good person." I said and forced myself to smile. No matter what Elijah is their father, I can't talk bad about him to them. I'm not that mean.

"Now, stop talking about it and sleep." I said and kiss their forehead before walk out from the room.

Who is the kind uncle they're talking about? That makes me feel curious about it.


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