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   Chapter 3 NO.3

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I'm getting ready to go to work right now. I look at the mirror to see if my appearance is presentable. I spray some cologne then wear my rolex. I walk out from the walk in closet and then take my my phone on the night stand. I dialed Martha, my new maid after I got divorced with Alexa.

"Mr. Perkins." She pick it up after one ring.

"Martha, when you arrive, I want you to take all this woman clothes in my closet and throw it away or maybe you can take it of you want. That's it." With that I hang up the phone. I'm free now, so I don't want to be any woman's things in my house. Right now, I can go out with any woman that I want without no one stop me.

I walk out from the house and got into my car, black Jaguar. I drive to my company. I give my car keys to the chauffeur and walk inside. I already got used to be center in the attention so I just walk straight to my private elevator because I don't like to get into one lift with amount of people.

"Good morning Mr. Perkins. They already waiting for you in the meeting room sir." My secretary said and I just nodded at her then Heading to the meeting room. To be honest, I hate morning meeting. When I walk into the room, everyone standing to show some respect to me. It's not a board meeting it just the manager from the company and all. Then we start the meeting as soon as I take a seat.

The meeting take about two hours and now I'm in my office doing my work. It's a good thing that my another meeting is in three hours. I take a look at the files of my new project on Milan until my door being open. I want to be mad if that my secretary but no it's my best friend, Joseph Sanchez. He walk in and sit on the couch. "What's bring you here?" I ask him and he just smirk in reply.

"Why don't we go and have fun tonight. At the club? It's been a while man." He ask and I put my pen down then walk to the couch across him.

"I'm not in the mood, Joseph.. I have a lot of work and I'm really tired. I just want to rest tonight." I lean my head to the couch and close my eyes.

"Oh really? Or maybe you just feel regret that you got divorced with Alexa? Who knows... Ha!" I just stay silent. "You still love her don't you? Well of course you are. I don't even know why you cheated on her and divorced her. I mean she's hot and beautiful." He adds.

"You better shut your mouth before I make you." I warned him and heard him laughed. I still got my eyes close.

"You know what, sometimes you're acting stupid. And I think this is the most stupidest thing you've ever made bro. Nah I'm not here to nag at you or anything. I want to ask you to go to club that's all. If you still can't move on, sure okay then." I open my eyes when he said that.

"I want to enjoy my life, Joseph and I thi

nk what I did was the right thing. Maybe it's just a little weird a bit but I feel happy now. More than before. And fine I'll go tonight. Just text me where." I said and he smirk. It's a good thing he is my friend or else I already punch that face.


I'm on my way to go to the club that Joseph text me. I think this is the first start for me for being Single. I wear my black jeans and then my white shirt. The club is not that far from my house it just take about 10 minutes or so because I drive on full speed. Can't blame me though because this car is made to drive like that.

I park my car into the VIP section the get in. The guards immediately let me in when they know who am I. Good thing of being rich and famous. I walk and roam my eyes to look for Joseph first. Then, my eyes fall into Joseph who already have two girls on his side. He's so fast of getting a girl.

Just then, One girl wrap her arms around my neck. I smirk at her and she just give me a seductive smile. We go and dance on the floor. I hold her waist and kiss her neck. She moan when I kiss her sensitive spot. Tonight is going to be so fun.

"Want to go somewhere more private?" She ask and I walk out from the sea of people and got out from the club. We go to the nearest hotel.

After we got the room, I immediately kiss her lips. She kiss me back soon after. My hands already roam all over her body and she moan loudly. We're now on the bed and I'm shirtless now while her still in her undergarments. It's take not so long until she's naked.


The next morning.

I woke up and see woman sleeping next to me. I smirking and then walk to the bathroom. I take a really short shower and then wear my clothes. I take my phone, wallet and keys then walk out.

I wait for lift a few minutes then press L as soon as I get in. "Yes sir." My secretary answer.

"Willow, I will arrive after lunch or little bit late. Please reschedule my appointment." I said.

"Alright sir, anything more?" She ask. "No." I said.

I hang up and then got into my car. I drive home to take a another shower. My body feel so uncomfortable. When I arrived at my home, I unlocked the door and then straight go upstairs.

I take a shower like 10 minutes then walk out from the bathroom with towel wrap around my waist. I look around the room and see there are photos me and Alexa hanging at the wall. I need to move out from this house.

Maybe I will find for it tomorrow because I don't want to live in this house which is our memories so much here.

I walk to my walk in closet then wear my suit. After a few minutes, I'm finally done. I look at my watch then immediately go out. If not, I might be late. I got into my car and then drive to my company.


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