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   Chapter 2 NO.2

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[ Cover by Rolluphills ( Sam Smith ) - Too Good At Goodbyes]

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I'm pregnant.

The pregnancy test say it all. I'm pregnant. I can't believe this. I took it this morning and it's said that I'm pregnant. I took about three times and the three of it are positive. Finally me and Elijah will be a parents. Oh my god! I can't wait to tell him when he come back. I bet his reaction are priceless.

My life feel is more perfect now. We're finally will a parents! I smile and walk out from the bathroom and heading to bed. I take my phone to call Elijah because I want to ask when will he comes home. I really need to make a preparation before he comes home. I press the call and wait for him to pick up. It's goes to voicemail again. I frown at it but I just keep calling.

After three times I call him, finally he pick it up. "What?" I smile when I hear his voice.

"Hey baby, I miss you so much. It's been one week since you go to London." I said.

"What do you want?" He ask and his voice seems like he's in hurry.

"I just miss you, Elijah and I want to ask you when will you comeback?" I ask and my heart feel a bit hurt when he didn't ask if I'm okay or anything.

"Hmm okay. I don't know maybe next week or next month, don't wait for me. I need to go bye." Before I could say anything he just hang up on me. Maybe he's in hurry for his meeting. I can't blame him because it his work. He work hard for our family and I need to understand it.

I rub my tummy. "It's okay baby, I will find a way to tell your fahter." I smile then suddenly I heard the door bell being press. I stand up and go downstairs to look who it is. I open the door and it show Thea standing there with smile on her face.

"Hey Alexa." She greet me. "Hi." I said feeling weird because it's been one week since our last talk.

"Didn't you want to invite me in?" I step aside to let her in. We walk to the living room and sit on the couch.

"Well... I know you still mad at me. So I'm here to apology. I know I shouldn't said your husband like that. I'm sorry.." She look at me with regret face. I stand up from my seat and go sit beside her.

"You know, I'm sorry too because I kick you out just like that." I said and she pull me for a hug. I hug her back. I miss her so much to be honest.

"It's a suffer for me because I can't talk to you for one week. You know, you're my one and only best friend that I know." She said after we break apart the hug. I smile.

"I have something to tell you." Of course I would tell her. "What it is?" She ask.

"Okay... I'm pregnant." She look surprised then a smile appears on her face.

"Arghhhh! Oh my god! I'm going to an aunt." I chuckle at her reaction. Looking at her reaction like this, I'm thinking about how Elijah's reaction will be.

"When did you know that you're pregnant?"

"This morning." She hug me and then smile. "I'm happy for you, Alexa. I really am." She said. Just then, her phone ring.

"Wait a second." She stand up and go to the kitchen to take that call. Maybe that's important that's why she didn't want me to hear it. After a few minutes, she walk in with smile on her face.

"Sorry. Take a long time." She take a seat beside me again.

"Nah it's fine."

"Alexa let's go and have a lunch at the hotel today. We have to celebrate that you're pregnant. Let's go." She said and I raised me eyebrows. "What? Why are you looking at me like that?" She adds.

"Nothing haha. Okay I will change my clothes." She nodded her head and I walk upstairs to change.

I pick my baby blue jeans and white shirt to pair it with my nude pink cardigan. For my hair I just let it down. I just rake my hair with my hair to make it more neat. I put a mascara and lipstick. I don't like to wear my make up to much because I prefer to look more natural. I spray some perfume then take my handbag. I take my cream pump then I'm ready.

I go downstairs to see Thea already standing at the door. "Let's go." She open the door and we walk to her car. We talk and laugh on the way there. Its feel so good to hang out with my best friend. After a moment later, we finally arrive at the hotel to have our lunch.

"Alexa why don't we just stay here for one or maybe two days?" She ask when we walk inside the hotel.

"It's so spontaneous Thea, we don't have any spare clothes." I said and she chuckle.

"Pleaseeee.... I want to hang out with you. We can buy new clothes to wear." She pleaded.

"You know I can't say no to you when you did that. Fine..." I gave up. "Yes. Thank you." She swung her arms around my neck makes me choked.

"Th-Thea let me go." She immediately let me go and I take a breath. "Opss sorry hehe." She grab my arms to go to the counter.

"Hello welcome miss." The people at the counter greet us with sweet smile. "Hello. I'm Thea Morris..." I just stay quiet and wait

for her.

"Oh Ms. Morris. It's room 368 at 10th floor." The woman at the counter said. I look at Thea and raised my eyebrows.

"Thank you." Thea said to that woman and then lead me to the lift. "Woah you already booked the room for us?" I ask and she just smile at me.

"Thea I'm sorry to ruin the mood but I need to this." She said as we walk inside the lift. "Why are you said like that? Is anything wrong?" I ask and she shake her head.

"Your my best friend and I want you to be happy. That's it." I just stay silent and wait until we arrived at the 10th floor.


We walk side by side until we standing in front of the room that show number 368. She gives me the card and I take it. "Before you open it I just want to say that I did all this because I don't want you to live like this..." It's getting so weird why would she said like that?

I swipe the card and then open the door. I walk inside and my eyes widen in shocked. I can't believe what I saw right now. My heart just broke in million pieces. The shirtless Elijah and woman who seems like she's already naked beneath him.

"Elijah!" I found myself shouted his name. I can feel my eyes already blurry because of tears. He look shocked at first then his face become blank. He stood up and standing in front of me. I look at that woman who covered herself with the balnket.

"I thought you were in London..."

"You already see me standing in front of you here." He said and his face doesn't show any guilty.

"Why? Why are you doing this to me?" I ask and now my tears already rolling down my cheeks.

"You want to know why? Because I don't love you anymore. I feel like this marriage was a huge mistake I've ever did in my life. I was thinking why would I have to be tied down so early when I still can enjoy myself with another woman." He said. Then I slap him in his face. He looked shocked and then I can see anger in his eyes.

"Living with you is such a mistakes you know that? So, I want you to pack your things from that house and leave. Don't ever things of coming back because my lawyer will give you the divorce paper." He said and now I fell silent and surprised from what he said.

"No... No.. You can't do this to me. I love you with all my heart, Elijah. Besides I'm pre-"

"I don't care. Just get lost from my life because I want to be free and enjoy my life." He said and I can see that woman is smirking at me.

"You! You're the one who makes my husband like this!! You bitch!" I really want to slap and pull that bitch hair but Elijah stop me.

"Alexa! You're not my wife anymore from now. Now, You and your pathetic friend can get lost from my sight because I don't want to see your face anymore." I look at him hoping all this are nightmare but no.

Thea pull me out from tat room and bring me home to pack my things. "Thea, why is he did that to me? I didn't do anything wrong to him. I love him, Thea." She hug me.

"I'm so sorry, Alexa. I need to show you how your husband did. I don't want you to be like this. Please remember you still have your child with you and also you still have me. I'm your best friend." I wipe my tears and then take my clothes.

Just then the bell ring. Thea walk downstairs to check who it is while me still packing my clothes. "Alexa.." I turned around and see Thea with one man I guess that's the lawyer that Elijah talked about.

"Good afternoon Mrs. Perkins, I'm Harold. Mr. Perkins's lawyer and I'm here to give you this." He give me like a file and I know what it is.

"I'm no longer Mrs. Perkins. You can call me Alexa.. He nodded and I take the file. I take it our the paper to see that Elijah already sign at his part. This is going to be end. My life is not perfect anymore. All of this will be memories and maybe it will disappear like a bubbles in the sea. I finally gather all my strength and sign it. Then give it back to Harold. "Thank you Alexa, I will get going now." With that he walk out and I flopped on the floor.

Thea run to me and help me to stand up. "Thea, my life is gone." I cry and she just patted my back to calm me down. "You have to be strong. We can start a new life just three of us. You, me and your child." I look at her and she smile at me.

She help me to pack up then finally we're done. I look around this room before going out. I left my wedding ring on the table and then walk out from the house. I have to be strong. I still have this baby.

"Alexa, I already booked the tickets for us to go to Los Angeles. It's tonight. Are you okay with it?" I doesn't have any strength to talk so I just nodded my head.

I need to build a new life for me and my child. Goodbye Elijah. I will do as you say I will never appear in front of your face again. I will never wants you back after this.






Much love from me

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