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   Chapter 26 NO.26

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[ Mia Wray - Where I stand ]

Did you guys watch midnight sun yet? Give it a comment about it. I watch it and I kind of tears up at the end of the story but overall it's a great movie for me.



After a week of freedom, now I'm back at the hospital and get ready to do the chemotherapy. "I had so much fun for this one week. Especially when I got to spend my time with all if you guys. Thank you guys for making me happy and forget about all this for a while." I said to all my friends while me, I'm back to lay on the bed with all the tubes and things all over my body.

"Don't mention it. We did all that with sincerity. We're all glad that you love it. So as much as we want to talk to you right now, I think it's time for us to go because your doctor will be here soon. We will see you later Adrienne. Bye." Cherry said and they all wave goodbye to me and I feel so sad because I feel like this is the last goodbye.

"Babe, I love you. I'll see you very soon. See ya." Joel said and kiss my forehead before he follows the rest of them out from my room.

Then not long after that, the doctor walks in. "Hello Adrienne. How you feeling?" He asks me.

"I feel sick and tired." I answer and he just nodded his head and smile at me.

"Okay I need to bring you to the chemotherapy room right now. Let's go." I get onto the wheelchair and the nurse helps me by push the wheelchair for me.

I thought the doctor really gave me one week for me to get out from the hospital but then I know why he let me. It's because the third cycle was delayed by a week due to neutropenia (low white blood cells) and extreme fatigue. No wonder I feel so tired and weak. So, the doctor give me the G-CSF injections (to strengthen my immune system). These were not painful in themselves but I suffered back pain and spasms after them. My back is so painful.

I now have blood tests to check for diabetes and have full blood count before seeing my oncologist. A CT scan is done and the nurse help me to move back to my room.

Since my treatment finished I have like a time to rest and maybe have a chat with my parents or friends. I love spending time with my parents and friends because they make

rienne to safe from this operation. I can see all of them here are doing the same thing as me. Adrienne I know you do it. We all here waiting for you with the prayer.

This Is the longest time for me. I waited and waited until the doctor walks out from the operation room. We all stand up and waiting for the doctor to talk. My heart beating do fast.

"How's my daughter?" Mr. Nelson asks. It takes a few seconds for the doctor to speak up.

"I hope all of you will stay strong of what happened -" Before the doctor can continue Laila already crying so hard like she knows what happened to her daughter. "We can't safe her. We did everything we could to keep her alive but God love her more than we do. Stay strong. I have to go now. I'm sorry." He said and walk away.

... I don't know what to say what to react at the moment. I feel my world has stop and my heart are slice up with the knife. It's feels so hurt and it hurt so badly.

I take a seat and feel my tears coming out. Adrienne, why you leave me like this. You know I love you so much and you also knew that you have a promises that you need to keep it. Why you leave so soon.



This is not a good news at all. This is so sad thinking that he will never get to see Adrienne again. Poor him...

How's chapter 25?

I hope you guys like it

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Much love from me

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