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[ Lea Michele - Run to you ]


May 18TH

It's been three weeks since Adrienne coma. I wait every day hoping that she will wake up really soon. "Hello Laila." I greet her mom and hug her briefly. "You looks tired, have a seat. Do You want anything? Coffee?" I asks and she just shake her head no.

"No thanks Joel. You here since the first day until now. You must love Adrienne so much don't you." She said and done take my seat next to her.

"Yes, I do love her with all my heart.. I will wait for her to wake up because I know she will. She's a strong girl." I said. "Can I go inside to see her or maybe you want to go first?" I asks.

"No no you can go first. I'm going to rest here for a bit." I nodded my head and get inside of her room.

"Hey Adrienne." I said and take a seat next to her bed. "Do you want to know something? Zach's birthday yesterday and all of us were there except you. Even though we laughed and all, but I just can't stop thinking about you at the hospital." I said holding her hand. "He told me that he misses you, not only him but everyone misses you especially me. When you wake up, I will asks you to be my girlfriend and even though you might reject me again, I still gonna act like you're not." I said and chuckles a bit. "Look at you... Look at that, you're becomes more and more beautiful every day. How can I stop loving you." My lips curve up into a smile.

After I feel it's been so long talking to her, I decided to go out for a bit and let her parents see her too. When I open the door, I can see the boys and Hillary and Cherry sitting at the chairs. "Hey guys. When did you guys arrived?" I asks.

"We just arrived. You look much better than before, Joel." Hillary said and I just smile at her. I can see that she and Zach are finally together.

"So you and Zach now huh?" I tease looking at their entwined fingers. When they realize it, they immediately take each other's hands. I chuckles. "It's so obvious. Don't worry I will ship you guys." I said and take a sit on one of the chairs too.

"Aren't they cute?" Isaac said and Zach looks like he's ready to hide himself out of embarrassment.

"Okay guys that's enough. Don't need to tease us like that." Zach said.

"When did this happened? Yesterday?" I asks and he nodded his head. "You guys make a good couple." I said and Hillary smile. "Oh umm where's Peter and Laila?" I asks them about Adrienne's parents.

"Oh Peter said he need to settle some work

g?" She breathes out, sighing deeply before looking away.

"I'm sorry, Joel. I just be a concern friends for you. We all worried you might get sick if you keep acting like this."

"Well thank you for being concerned but I can't act like I used too because the girl that I love still didn't wake up from a coma and who knows the deceased still in her body even though they did the surgery on her." I reply. "I will meet you all at the hospital then." I said before walking down the hall, sighing...

After school, I didn't go straight to the hospital. I stop to buy daisies before go there. Just then, my phone buzzing in my pocket. I give the flowers to the florist and take out my phone to look who it is. It's Hayes. I answer it. "Joel! Where are you?" He asks in a rush.

"What's wrong? I'm buying the flowers for Adrienne." I reply while giving the money before take the flowers with me.

"It's Adrienne." Just like that, I immediately run to my car and drive as fast as I can. My heart continues to beat fast, worried and mostly scared of what happening. I should asks Hayes what's wrong but I can't thinking straight right now. After arriving at the hospital, my legs won't stop and I run through the hallway. I keep running until I arrived at intensive care unit, where Adrienne is.

Within seconds, I'm already standing in her room and every one was here too.


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