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   Chapter 7 NO.7

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[ In my blood - Shawn Mendes]


It's been two months since I and Piper broke our friendship. She and Betty become very close because whenever Betty at, there's Piper. I'm happy as long as Piper happy with her life. Talking about Betty and Piper, I might say that they often come to me and said something that makes my heart broke and I always ended up crying in the toilet. Their words are so harsh and they even insult my mom is a whore. I don't even know who is my mom and when they said like that, I feel so sad.

Next, it's also been two months I hanging out with Joel, Zach, Isaac, and Hayes. I had so much fun with them within that time. For me, having a guy's friends are more fun than having a girlfriend because for me guys are loyal when it comes to a friendship while girls, they're not all loyal. Like Piper.

Willy and me also still in the relationship even though he's so busy with his training and friends but we still manage to go out on a date. The thing is, I feel my heart is not right when I went out with him. I felt like he doesn't want to go out on a date with me but just force himself to go whatever it is because I'm still his girlfriend.

"Candy!" Zach runs to me and then hug me like a girl who always hugs their bestie. Oh yeah, Zach is the one who wants to call me candy because he said that my face is sweet as candy. So that's my nickname now.

"I don't like that name, " I said and waves at three of them who are looking at me and Zach.

"Why not candy? I love it because it suits you. Sweet." I just playfully roll my eyes at him. Just when we talking to each other, Willy comes in the middle.

"Babe, I need to talk to you now." He said in a serious tone. I look at Joel who looks at Willy with one expression that I can't even describe. I excuse myself and follow Willy.

"What do you want to talk about?." I ask him as soon as we both stop in from of the toilet. At least they place not too crowded.

"I saw what you did, Adrienne." He said and look at me with jealousy face.

"What?" I ask him totally confused.

"I don't like you friend with them." I raised my eyebrow at him. "You hear me?"He asks.

"Why? I mean that's nothing wrong to be friend with them. Besides, they're cool and fun." I reply and he scoffed.

"Yea fun. You also having fun watching you laughing, eating, hugging with them. Oh, maybe you will kiss each one of them in the future." Automatically my hand moves to slap him hard on his cheek. His face look surprised by my action but then chuckles.

"What do you think I am? Whore?." I feel my body heat in anger. He doesn't have any right to say like that to me.

"Who knows, maybe you want to be one. That's why you hang out with them. To sleep with them." Willy said and I slap him again.

"You don't

lass. So I walk a bit faster so that the teacher won't catch me skipping class. I get into the toilet and do my business. After that, I look at my face and see my face is so terrible. I wash it and I take the tissue to wipe it up. That's a good thing that I don't wear to much make up today. Not like I wear makeup like a cake. I wear it but still keep my face to look natural because I believe in natural beauty. I smile at myself in the mirror before walk out.

"Happy with all this?" I was stopped by Willy who in his short and jersey. He must have training just now.

"Just go away, " I said and try to walk away but he blocked me. "What do you want from me again?" I ask pissed.

"I want you back Adrienne. Be with me again." He said and hold my hand but I take it away.

"Are you kidding me?" I said and walk away leaving him alone there. I don't want him back even though he begging me like crazy. I will never go back to him after what he has done to me. I wait until the next bell to you ring and walk to my class.



"Where are you, dude? You never skip math class." Zach asks as soon as he saw me in front of my locker to take my books.

"I'm with Adrienne earlier. She has some problem so I company her." I said and he looks at me while smiling. "What?" I ask him.

"I can smell something weird between you two." He said. "Do both of you in some relationship?" I hit him at his head. "Ow! Why you hit me?"

"Because you are crazy, " I said. "Me and her just friend like you and her." He nodded his head and smiled. I know he doesn't believe what I said even though its true. I and Adrienne don't have any relationship other than friends.


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