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   Chapter 6 NO.6

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[ Guy Sebastian - Set in Stone]


I woke up to my alarm and I sit at the edge of my bed while looking at the blank wall. My mind still sleeping even though my eyes are open now. I sit like that for the past few minutes until someone knocks on my door. I turned my attention to the door.

"My daughter is already awake?" My dad asks and it takes a few seconds for me to realize that that's my dad who at my door.

"Dad!" I scream and run to him then jump to hug him. "I miss you so much, " I said and hug him tight.

I take my bag and phone then leave the room heading downstairs. "I know Adrienne. I miss you too. Oh, I bought you something." I release from the hug and look at my dad.

"What it is?" I ask excitedly.

"I'll show you later. Go and take a shower because of you smelled like shit." I glare at my dad and kind of surprised because he just curses. My dad is such a rare.

"Dad you so mean fine I'll go now. Make sure that present is meaningful. " I said before walking into the bathroom.

"I'm sure you'll like it." My dad add before I heard my door being closed. I take a shower for five minutes and get out to get dress. I open my closet and pick black jeans with an orange crop top. I wear my white sandal and tie up my hair into a ponytail. After I'm satisfied with my look, I take all the things I needed for school and leave the room. I ran downstairs and look for my dad.

"Dad! Where are you?" I shout looking for my dad.

"Here!" I heard my dad in the kitchen and rush to it. "You look gorgeous my daughter." I smile at him.

"So?" I ask him.

"So?" My dad asks me back.

"Dad... " I whine and he chuckles.

"Go to the living room." I raised my eyebrow and go to the living room. When I enter the living room, I don't see anything so I look around only to see a box that covered with a blanket. I walk to it and remove the blanket. My eyes widen to see it's not the ordinary box but its actually a cage. "Oh my god! Dad!" I jump in happiness because in that cage have a very cute puppy.

My dad comes to me and looks at me. "You like it?" He asks.

"like it? I love it! Thanks, dad! I love you so much." I hug him and then open the cage to carry the pupp

us. "Why are you laughing dummy?" Hayes said.

"Dog is cute, not handsome. How can it be handsome? I never heard a dog handsome." He continues to laugh and I chuckles a bit.

"Shut up Zach, " Hayes warned him but he won't stop laughing. I look at them while smile.

"They always like that. They can't live if they didn't tease one another." Joel who sits next to me said. I look at him and smile. "You have a beautiful smile." I feel my cheeks heat and I look at another place to hide it. "Adrienne?" He calls me and I look at him again.

"Okay, I don't know why am I blushing when you said that. Oh gosh so embarrassed." I fan my face with my hand.

"It because I'm too hot for you." He replies.

"Ugh so cocky, " I said and he chuckles.

Today's lunch break turns out to be so fun with Joel, Hayes, Isaac, and Zach company me. I had so much fun. It good to have friends like four of them.


Happy Eid Mubarak to all Muslim all over the world. Hope you guys have a nice time with your families. Sorry I didn't update yesterday because I've been so busy and also I'm at my hometown which means no wifi also I need to spend time especially this Eid Mubarak. Whatever it is, hope you guys enjoy this chapter ;)

How's chapter 6?

I hope you guys like it. This chapter might be bored but I will try to make it better in the next chapter.





Much love from me

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