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I wake up this morning and do my morning routine before going to school. I wear my blue jean shorts with my simple white tee that wrote 'Bruh' on it. I love it by the way. I just let my hair fall because I'm just too lazy to tie it up. Just after I finish it all, I grab my bag also my phone and leave the room.

I am Piper Thompson and I'm 18 years old. I have a younger sister but my grandma is the one who takes care of her now while me, I live with my dad because my dad can't afford to accommodate both of us. So he decided to send my younger sister at my grandparent's.

You guys might wonder where is my mom right? Well, let me tell you. My mom died since I was eight. I remembered it all to well why my mom got into an accident. She was so angry with my dad because she found out that my dad seeing another woman behind her back. That's mean he's cheated on my mom.

That night, I hear my mother's voice so loud. I can hear screaming, crying and all. I can't do anything about it because I'm just eight years old. I hug my younger sister tightly because she kept crying because of the noise. She only two months that time. Then, after a few minutes, the voices are gone. I see my mom, brought her luggage bag. Before she went out, she came to me and my younger sister then hug us. She kisses both of us and leave us just like that. That time, I cried so hard and want to go with my mom but I can't because she asked me to stay.

I cried and cried until I fell asleep. When I woke up the next morning, I saw my dad wearing a suit which is so unusual. I asked him and he told me that my mom died in an accident last night. I still little that time so all I do was cried so hard. That time, I don't know what to do and what to say. I just sit next to my dad and hoping that he won't leave me just like my mom did. I still didn't care if she wants to bring his mistress at home because I can't say anything.

After one year my mom's death, he got married to a woman that he cheated with behind my mom. That time, I feel angry fill my whole body and hatred towards that woman. She was the reason my mom died. I hate my dad for marrying her. I hate both of them but I hate that woman who happened to be my stepmother more than I hate my dad. My dad still my dad. Even though I hate him, I can't hate him forever but for that woman, I can hate him forever until I die.

I walk downstairs and go to the dining room to see my dad and that whore are having some serious conversation. I'm hiding behind the walls and try to hear what they're talking about. I'm not a busy body type but I think this is important and I need to hear it.

"I want to meet my daughter. It's been a long time now..." Laila said. Well, that's her name which I hate it so much.

"Daughter?"My dad asks. Daughter? Means I have a step-sibling? Why I never meet him or her before? I keep listening to their conversation.

"You will help me to find my daughter right? I miss her so much but first I need to find my ex-husband." What the heck? She also cheated on her husband to be with my father? Did she leave her daughter? So heartless. It's true what people said, love is blind.

"Honey, don't worry I will help you find them. Then you can meet h

end now. Not you. So bye Adrienne." Betty said and walk away with Piper. I ran towards the toilet and get inside one of the doors. I locked it and sit on the bowl. I cry because I can't believe Piper did his to me. I didn't do anything to her. We didn't even have some misunderstood between us. I wipe my tears and take a deep breath.

I unlock the door and go to the sink and wash my face. Then, I take some tissue to wipe my face off. My eyes red and swollen because I cried so hard. I walk out from the toilet and walk to the lab. When I walk in, I relief that the teacher didn't in yet. I go to my seat and didn't even greet Joel because I don't have any mood to do that. I can feel that Joel look at me now but I just look at my book.

"Are you okay?" He asks me.

"Yes." That's all I reply.

"Oh okay."He said and clear his throat. The teacher keeps explaining the new topic but I can't focus on it thinking about Piper's betrayal. She's the only girl I close with. I only have her as my best friend but now I have no friend.

When the bell rings, I wait until all the students leave the lab. Joel also takes a leave but then he turns around and sits next to me.

"You can tell me what's wrong if you want to." He said and then my tears come out from my eyes.

"I was betrayed by my own best friend. She even insults me in front of the students." I tell him and wipe my tears.

"You want to tell me the whole story?" He asks carefully.

"I'm not ready to share about it. Thanks for your concern, Joel."I said to him and give him a smile and he smiles back at me.

"That's fine but if you need someone to talk to, you can find me and the boys. We will listen to your story." He said and I nodded my head. I wipe my tears and I put my things in my bag.

"Thanks again for accompanying me. I will get going now. Willy is waiting for me. See ya."I said and walk away to find Willy in the cafeteria.

"See ya." I heard he said.


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