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   Chapter 58 Epilogue The start of a new beginning

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Juliette Pov

The moment was supposed to be the best day of my life because it was going to be the day which would be carved in my heart and soul for the rest of my soul. Yet, I could feel the tension rising in my body as I walked in all the while feeling my heart pounding against my chest and feeling every nerve in my body bouncing up and down. There was this only question which kept on nagging my subconsciousness and that was what will happen next? What should I do next?

Even though I was the one who planned to seduce him from the beginning to the point where somehow I knew we would definitely end up in this type of situation but still never really planned ahead. I was actually going with the flow...

What will I do now?

I didn't even realize when I stopped in my tracks fidgetting my fingers in tension. Nervousness and anxiety filling up in my body only by thinking that it's going to hurt. But then I felt his presence behind me as his breath fanned over my shoulder and all of a sudden I felt his cold finger tracing my forearm as he raised his finger till my straps and slowly laced his finger with it and pulled it a little before bending down and placing a soft kiss on my shoulder taking my breaths away in the process.

A sigh escaped my mouth as I arched my neck to the other side letting him have the access over my skin as I closed my eyes and thought about letting him take up only because I didn't know what to do...

"Juliette, " I heard him whisper and the next moment I felt myself being lifted up in the air bridal style as I held his shirt and let him carry me to the bed all the while his eyes locked with mine as he placed me down softly on the bed and took a step back only to get rid of his shirt.

My eyes seemed to remain glued to his actions as I laid there on the bed waiting for his advances.

I watched his actions all the while reminding myself to breathe if I didn't wish to ruin the moment by losing my consciousness.

Inhale and exhale Juliette.... Just inhale and exhale...

Hovering over me, he bent down and kissed my forehead before trailing kisses around my face and down towards my neck. Feeling the fire of need burning within inside me, I put my hands around his neck pulling him down when he captured my mouth into a passionate kiss. My breast rubbing against his bare chest, my hands moving around his back, while his roamed around the sides of my stomach and then lifting my right leg up for him to adjust between my legs. The fire has been lit, the bullet has been shot. The stream of passion and urgency cascaded down as I felt his fingers playing with the hem of my cloth when in a jerk he sat up and removed the dress from my body in a swift motion leaving me just in my panty.

Feeling the blanket of shyness hovering over me because I was now lying down with the top portion of my body flashed naked before a man, I moved my hands swiftly to cover my breast until I was stopped by him who held both of my hands in his and looked straight into my eyes.

"I don't really have any words to let you know how happy I am feeling right now and I don't even have any idea what to tell that would make you feel comfortable with me but I hope that you will understand what I feel for you. Look into my eyes, words can't define how much I want you but then I know my limits and I have my dignity, I won't lay a finger upon you if you don't want me to, " he finished and that was enough for all my nervousness and anxiety to diminish away. A small smile appeared on my lips as I gazed into his brown orbs as I saw the truthness in them. Blinking my eyes several times, I took in deep breaths and then nodded at him letting him know that I was ready. Ready for him.

As the muscles in my hands began to relax he gazed down at me, his eyes filled with sincerity as I let him remove my hands away from my chest. His burning gaze fell on my flashed skin making me all flushed and as I was about to open my mouth to speak he lowered down and placed a soft skin in between my boobs. Just a mere touch of him filled my body with wild thoughts and desires. My palms balled up feeling the need to be touched once again and I closed my eyes feeling my core throbbing and burning up with desire.

His lips trailed up until it stopped in the crook of my neck when he moved my hand up over my head and came back on kissing me on my lips before removing his hold on my hands and looking into my eyes. His eyes told me not to move and I waited patiently as he proceeded with his torturing acts of ravishing my body. Goosebumps formed on my skin as he took one of my nipples into his warm mouth, my back arched with pleasure and a moan left my mouth as I felt the foreign feelings and emotions surfacing in my body. His other hand got hold of my waist as he trailed kisses down and stopped right under my belly button. I opened my eyes to look at what he was doing to find him already looking at me.

It was as if he was still giving me a chance to stop him because he got up slowly all the while locking his eyes with mine. The anxiousness and nervousness that I felt a few minutes ago were long gone. My body heated up because of his torturous kisses and that made me feel something new that I never really had ever thought before. But anything I wanted to do at the moment was him to progress faster because the swift breathing and the thudding of my heartbeat lit my desires.

As I felt his fingers over the strap of my panty I closed my eyes and rested my head back on the pillow. That was the end of mine of rest period because after that all I could remember was the pain as if I was being torn apart which was later replaced by pleasure, his hands intertwined with mine as he went slowly in and out trying his best not to hurt me, his whispering of sweet nothings into my ear, his kissing my tears away, him reassuring me that everything was going to be alright were the only memory that stored on the day when I surrendered myself completely to him.

"What is this?" I groaned as I heard the faint noise of something beeping continuously.

My eyelids felt heavy as I tried to open them but shut it as the rays of light hit my eyes. Groaning a little, I rubbed my eyes and tried to lift my body up using my elbow but then a hiss left my mouth as I felt the lower region of my body. My hand immediately went down to touch my core and found it swollen. Then everything flooded back into my mind and I remembered everything that happened. My cheeks heat up as I rubbed the side of the face and pulled the quilt up to hide my chest. As I tried to move a hand circled around my waist and pulled me back.

"You are awake, good. I'm not done with you yet, " said Zachary's in his husky tone and pulled me back to the bed. I landed straight on his chest and made an attempt to get up but he held both of my forearms and in a swift moment turn us around with me under him and him above me. A

eyebrow as I roamed my tongue over my teeth before speaking "When you start to listen to me, " I said and heard him sighing for the second time.

"Your parents are here? So, why did you leave alone? Your father tried to separate us. I am coming. You can't handle him on our own, " he said and I heard noises in the background.

"No, you will not!" I said out loud and watched as my taxi driver looked at me through his rearview mirror. I muttered a quiet sorry to him before focusing on Zachary.

"Who is there with you?" I heard Zachary's voice.

"I am in a taxi, "

"I could have driven you back and why are you even going back? Your home is with me. You don't need to explain anything to anyone. Tell your driver to take a U-turn and return back to me, " he said adamantly but I giggled at that.

"Zac you are really cute sometimes, " I cooed and heard a laugh cracking at the other end.

"Only you can call me that, " I heard him and I shifted on my seat "Liar! you have permitted Jace. I know it! He calls you Zac too, " I said and heard his throaty laugh.

"Okay, don't try to change the topic. Fine, do whatever you want to do. But if your father is too out of control, call me. I'll handle him, " he said and I rubbed my forehead "Zac! He is my father. Have trust in me, I can handle him, " I said and heard him humming.

"Okay. And you don't really need to plan anything for me. You being with me is only what I have always wished for, " he told me and I felt tears threatening to spill out.

"Too much happiness, " I muttered to myself.

"Sorry? I can't hear you. Did you just say something?" he asked and I realized he can't really see me.

"No, Nothing. Zachary..."


"I love you, " I said truthfully and felt my heartbeat speeding up. I still can't believe I feel butterflies in my stomach whenever I say it to him.

"Really?" he chuckled and I rolled my eyes.

"Yes, really!" I laughed.

"I'll back before you even realize I was gone, " I said as I watched the driver taking a left turn towards the bridge.

"I hope so, because if you don't then you know me. I will drag you back, " he joked but I knew him better. Even though he was joking, he would actually do that if I didn't return.

"Okay, sir!" I said playfully.

"And I have a shirt and a track pant of yours if you haven't realized yet, " I told him as I looked down at what I was wearing.

"Everything of mine is yours, " he said and that made my heart filled with love.

"Are you alright? I mean did I hurt you?"

"No, you didn't. Stop worrying about me so much, " I laughed and realized we were already on the bridge very near to the house.

"Zac, I need to hang up I am already near..." before I could complete I jerked forward because of the driver who applied a sudden break. My phone slipped out of my hand and as I realized what happened I looked forward to find a car before us stopped in the middle of the road. A lady was driving the car and she looked out apologetically shouting a sorry to the driver.

"What are you doing lady?" the driver yelled at the lady as he began to undo his seat belt.

I shook my head as they started bickering and as I realized my phone fell out of my hand, I moved down to pick my phone up but when I sat back on my seat, rays of light fell on my eyes and I could still hear Zachary's worried voice calling out for me from the call. Stopping the light hitting my eyes by my hand I looked to my side towards the back of the car to find a truck coming our way in a full speed. Before I could shout or get out of the car, it was too late. The truck hit the taxi from behind with full speed with me in the back seat. Our Taxi turned around with a screeching noise and as if the impact was not enough, our car hit another car which caused the taxi to fly up and then back to the ground. My head hit the roof and the window every second when it tumbled.

Cries and screams left my mouth and the only thing that I registered was being hit by a truck. Still, in the tumbling car, I felt my world rotating as in two to three tumble, I felt as if I was not on the ground anymore. True, to my feel my eyes fell on the road from where our car started to tumble upside down and before anyone or anybody could do anything, our car struck the barrier of the bridge hard and the car dived into the water.

Water filled in my nose as I felt my consciousness fading but before I closed my eyes, my eyes fell on the body of the driver who floated on his seat hitting the car's windshield.

The End

Happy Ending...*smirks evilly*

Second series name is "Irresistible Love"

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