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   Chapter 57 NO.57

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Juliette Pov

"Where are you going?" he called after me sounding irritated when I stopped following him and walked the other direction where I had parked Tess's car.

"Eh? To my car!" I said and turned around walking towards the car.

"Juliette!" he called and soon I felt his hand on my shoulder.

"You are coming with me!" he told me as he turned me around and I looked at him uninterestingly.

"Why? Where are we going and stop touching me!" I removed his hand from my shoulder as I took a step backward.

"I'll do whatever I want!" he gritted his teeth and got hold of my arm tightly as he began to pull me towards his car's direction.

"Wait! But what about my car? It's not actually mine, I borrowed it from my friend Tess. I can't just abandon it here!" I said and tried to match his pace with my heels as he dragged me towards his car.

"I'll have my driver take it back to your house!" was all he said.

"Really? That would be great! By the way whe-" he turned around swiftly as he pulled me towards him.

"Keep your mouth shut!" he said in a low tone warning me to open my mouth and I put my finger on my lips nodding agreeing with him.

As if...

He huffed out air and turned around while I smirked at him but composed myself when he turned once again to look at me.

"Get in!" he said as his car beeped when he unlocked it using his remote keys.

"But where ar-" he pulled the door open and shoved me inside.

"Hey! You don't need to be so mean!" I yelled but he slammed the door on my face and walked to the other side. I watched as he stood there for some minutes before opening the car door and entering.

"Put your seat belts on!" he said more like commanded whilst he put on his seatbelt and ignited the engine. I did as he said not because I followed his order but for my own safety or else I knew I would fly out of the damn car if he loses his mind in the middle of the ride.

"So? Where are we going?" I asked as I played with the strap of my belt.

He stayed quiet not even glancing my way. I looked at him while he drove using his one hand and with the other, he rubbed his temple. He looked agitated and restless all of a sudden.

"What did you eat today?" I heard him and I hummed in response.

"I asked, " he said and then snapped at me "What did you eat today?" which made me jerked up in my seat.

"Woah!" I laughed and then shook my head no.

"Nothing!" I replied and he looked back at the road.

"Then what did you drink?" he asked and I shrugged my shoulders "water I guess, " I replied.

"Why are you asking?" I asked and he looked at me and then back at the road and honked multiple times even though there was no one in his way.

"You are weird sometimes, " I muttered to myself.

"Not as you!" he replied.

Dog ears...

As I watched the turn he took I recalled the direction Willi had told me previously to his penthouse.

So we are going to his penthouse...

"I see!" I mumbled.

As the car took a halt, I looked out of the window to find us under the gigantic building called 'Grand Virid Premium'.

"You live here?" I asked amazed by the majestic grandeur of the building but when no one replied I turned to look at him only to find his seat empty.

"Zachary?" I said and the door on my side opened "Come out!" he offered me his hand which I ignored as I removed my seat belts and jumped out of the car completely ignoring him., I heard him taking sharp intakes though.

"Oh wow!" I said impressed by the surrounding as I walked into his penthouse. I walked up to the glass window where the view of the city was nostalgic. I wondered how it would look in the night and even though we were in great heights the hustle and bustle of the city still reached our ears if paid close attention to it. Everything inside was magnificent and extraordinarily beautiful. The interior was of top-class and everything was designed to trifles. But contrasting to his personality the interior was warm and loving. Starting from the floor to the roof, and even the furniture was chosen white.

"Now tell me!" I heard his voice from behind me and I turned around raising my eyebrows at him.

"You know what Zachary let's play a game, shall we?" I asked as I took a seat on the couch.

"Answer my questions Juliette, don't try to change the subject!" he said and stood before me. His soul penetrating eyes gazing down at me as if trying to read me.

"What about my game?" I questioned and once again he chose to avoid my question.

"Why were you there today and in- in this dress? I thought you had told me beforehand that you don't wear this type of dresses so why?" he questioned and that brought a smile on my face. A sly smile.

"You are surely talking a lot today Zachar-"

"Juliette!" he slammed his hand on the headrest of the couch "Answer the damn question, " he asked in a deep low voice.

His eyes glaring at me but instead of being frightened like I used to be I smirked and crossed my arms over my chest. His eyes followed my action and ended up on my chest but then he shot up from his position and turned around shoving his hands into pant pockets.

"Answer my question, "

"Not until you play the game with me, " I said which made him turn around to face me.


"Let's have something interesting in this. If you win I'll answer your questions, " I said as I stood up from my place and walked towards the table where I poured a glass of water for myself and gulped it down.

"And if I win, " I turned around with a sly smile on my face "You will have to give me something, " folding my hands on my back I walked up to him.

"What do you want?' he asked as he looked nervous all of a sudden.

"You will see that!" I answered and walked around him whilst he stood in the same place.

"What type of game is it?" he asked and I smiled inwardly before answering.

"Q and A"


"Simple Question and Answers..."

"Questions about what?" he questioned when I stood behind him.

"Oh, you know the general stuff. General knowledge, " I said and walked closer to him when he removed his hand from his pants pockets.

"What?" I heard him mumble. He must be really confused right now and I knew it because it was already my intention from the beginning to make him, even more, confuse than he already is.

"By the way, I forgot to tell you about the rules, " I said more like whispered into his ears from behind.


"Number One, Only I am the one who is going to ask you questions and you will the one who will be answering, "


"Let me finish!"

"So? Yeah Number two, you can't interfere me, "

"Number three, you can't move from your place"

"Number four, you can't answer anything else than the questions that is asked to you, " I chuckled a little before continuing "let me check your IQ level today, "

"And finally number five, you can't close your eyes, " I finished as I stood before him and made an eye contact.

"What are these things?" he questioned and I shrugged "My game, my rules"

"Whatever! Just ask your questions and finish this all, " he said and turned around but then stopped when I opened my mouth "The interesting part of this game is the fewer clothes I have on me the fewer is your winning chances, " I said and like a bolt of electricity he turned around with widened eyes.

"Wh- What did you just say?" he asked even though he heard me.

"You heard it. The game is simple. I will ask you questions and you will answer, the wrong answer will make me strip something from my body but at the same time, a right answer will make me put the thing back on me. So, in simple terms the lesser the clothes I will have on me... You lose, " I smirked when he gave me a disbelief look.

"What type of game is this?" he breathed out looking out of breath all of sudden.

"The usual, haven't you played this type of game before?" I questioned and he narrowed his eyes at me "Oh you have playe

n I said that.

"I mean I don't want to do it with you!"

"What? Then with wh-" before his face could contour into anger I stopped him "No, I mean I can't-do it with you until you give me what I want, " I said and creasing his forehead he shifted on his position before replying "And what is that?" he asked slowly.

"That words!" I said as hope and happiness lit up my face.

"Words?" he questioned almost with a baffled expression.

"That words! Zachary that three words!" I said and hoped he understood what I meant. And thankfully it looked as if it struck him as the tension dissipated from his face and once again his eyes twinkled with mirth.

"Why is it important?" he questioned which made me huff at him.

"You can't enter the room unless you tell me those words, " I warned him.

"Hu? I have the keys. Forgot?" he asked looking amused all of a sudden.

"Do you really think I will let you touch me even if you succeed coming in here?' I snapped at him feeling the anger boiling inside me. How dare he?

He seemed to notice the change in my mood as he sagged his shoulders and racked his hand on his hair.

"Okay fine!" he huffed out and I felt light headed once again as I jumped on my place excited patiently but desperately wanting to hear it from his mouth. He noticed my happiness and smile sideways as he opened his mouth and I took forward wanting to hear it but then he closed his mouth.

"Juliette I-" he continued opening and stopping mid-sentence for five minutes while I paced around the room, stood before him, leaned against the glass window, sat on the bed.

"Fuck!" I heard him curse.

"So is it so difficult for you to say three simple words out to me?" I grew frustrated by his attempts and yelled at him for that.

"Excuse me? Simple? You call it simple?" he snapped back.

"You have no right to snap at me when you are at fault! Do you understand Mr. Zachary Udolf Sullivan!" I snapped back crossing my hands over my chest and looking the other way disheartened and miffed at him at the same time.

"Look! Juliett-" he said but I cut him off rudely "No! Don't take my name because you were lying yesterday. You don't have any feelings for me! You can't even say the simple three words to the woman you love and you call it l-o, "

"Juliette!" he slammed his hand on the glass door so hard that made me squeal frightened...

Thankfully the window didn't break and I looked at him to find him glaring at me with rage filled eyes. "My love doesn't need any words to express myself do you understand! So, don't question my love once again, " he warned as I felt the end of my eyes stinging.

"Yes? Why can't you say that? You told me that you love me so why can't you give me the only thing I want? I thought it becomes easy for the people to express their feelings when they are in love and here it's just some mere words. Can't you do that for me?" I cried out to him and soon watched as regret filled his face for lashing out at me.

"Look! Juliette, you don't understand! It's not easy like it seems. It's diff-" I cut him off in the middle "What is not easy? I love you, Zachary. See? You have to say it loud to me like I jus-" I stopped in the middle when I realized what I just did, Oh shoot!

I looked at him to find him frozen on his spot as he looked at me with wide eyes for the umpteenth time of the day. I felt my cheeks burning and my lips trembling. Even my hands trembled. I turned around swiftly putting my hands on my mouth stopping myself from squealing.

"Juliette yo- you are really dumb!" I muttered to myself feeling shy.

"So it's not really a mere word after all, " I heard him and slowly when I turned around to look at him I found his head lowered down as he kept one of his hand on the wall next to the window and another on his heart.

As I realized I had managed to raise his heartbeat just like he does to mine a smile appeared on my lips and I continued watching him intently wanting to know more about what effect I have on him.

"Juliette?" I looked at him and then he opened his mouth to speak "I love you, " making me his for eternity as he raised his head up and looked straight into my eyes he said, "I really do."

Slowly, I watched as he turned around and left the place while I did the same as I walked towards the door but stood before it for a while as I couldn't stop the happy tears trickling down my face. As much as I tried to wipe the more it fell down from my eyes.

"He loves me, " I muttered to myself putting a hand on my heart as I repeated "Do you hear it? He said he loves me" I told my wildly beating heart and when I finally managed to control myself, I composed myself and wiped the tears away from my face as I tried to smile and slowly put my hand on the doorknob before rotating it open only to reveal him already standing there with his right hand on the side of the wall above his head with his shirt open hanging loosely on his body while he looked at me.

"I can't promise you that I will not make you cry because after few hours you won't be able to get up from the bed for days, " he whispered huskily which made me look down in order to hide the blush that formed on my face.

"Get in!" I muttered as I turned around walked in while he closed the door and followed me inside.

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