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   Chapter 56 NO.56

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Juliette Pov

"You can't go in ma'am, " the guard stopped me from going in as I stood outside the hall where Zachary was supposed to attend his business party.

"And why not?" I asked raising my eyebrow folding my arms across my body.

"You don't have the invitation card!" another said and I rolled my eyes.

"My husband has it. Now let me through!" I said and tried to bypass them but one of them stopped me by holding me by my arm.

"How dare you?" I glared at him and jerked my arm away from him.

"We can't let you pas-" the guard was cut off by someone behind me who spoke, "and why not?"

I turned around and was met face to face none other than Kristian who stood there with his eyes narrowed on the guard who just tried to stop me by my arm. He was in his blue business suit and his hair was styled slick back as he took long strides to reach us. His tone commanding and demanding and his soul piercing eyes penetrated the guard's face as he glared at him.

"And what do you think you are doing, stopping the owner of the building?" he demanded but I gasped internally when he said the owner of the building.

"Let me introduce you to Mrs. Sullivan, " Kristian said and I watched as fear and shock marred their face when they realized who I was.

"And don't expect me not to tell him about the stunt you just pulled, " Kristian said as he pulled his tie trying to loosen it and then looked back at me with a smile.

"W-we 're sorry si-r, ma'am please forgive us, " came their trembled voice but Kristian didn't even let me speak as he intervened "Shall we?" he asked and I nodded reluctantly. The guard hurried and opened the door open for us.

"I didn't have any idea that Zachary owns this building, " I whispered once we entered toa hallway.

"Zachary owns many things that you can't even imagine, " Kristian spoke looking at me sideways. His tone silent, void of any emotions.

Don't tell me he is miffed with me too...

"Kristian!" I called him and he stopped right before me with his back facing me.

"I know you must be really upset with me but I-" I pursed my lips looking to my right blankly.

"It was the situation. I never really wanted to hurt your brother nor do I intend to hurt him any further" I said truthfully.

"I am here to make things work between Zachary and me. And I am really sorry for what that has been going thr-" he cut me off for the first time as he spoke: "You don't need to apologize to me. I hope things work between you two and I don't really blame you for everything. I know that both of you has suffered and I am no one to interfere but-" he turned around all of a sudden his eyes emotionless and with chin held high he spoke: "Don't hurt my brother ever. I know he loves you. I have seen his condition when you weren't there. I don't want to interfere but he is my only brother whom I respect the most in this world."

Gulping down the lump in my throat I nodded agreeing to him "I will not hurt him. Ever" I said the last part more to myself.

"That's good, " he mumbled and again all of a sudden I watched as his behavior changed to that of his normal one. He smiled and his eyes began to sparkle.

"I guess he owns your heart too, " I heard him mumble which made me smile a little.

"But don't think that I'll let him pass if he hurts your feelings too, " he said and gave me a boyish grin which immediately made me take a sigh of relief.

Thank God he is back...

"Come to think of it, what are you doing here?" he asked as he straightened his suit.

"I am here for him of course, " I said and looked behind him towards the door which was the main entrance to the hall.

"Oh yeah!" he said and nodded.

"Let's go then, " he said and I nodded. He turned around and took a step further but stopped and again turned back to face me.

"You have come here alone?" he asked which made me raise an eyebrow.

"Eh?" I asked and he pulled his tie once again. He looked uncomfortable once again.

"I mean I thought your friend... um what's her name again?" he asked rubbing his neck.

"Kiara?" I asked and he nodded all of a sudden seeming interested to know about her.

"Yeah! Kiara it is! Wher-" once again he stopped in the middle and coughed a little time before continuing "Has she not accompanied you?" he asked looking straight into my eyes.

"No, she has work to do, " I said and I watched as disappointment washed his face and that made me curious to know what's the matter.

"Why do you ask? Do you want to see her? You can always come to our hou-" again he intervened saying: " No- No, I mean yeah why not?" he laughed nervously and turned around swiftly before heading towards the door.

"Interesting" I smirked seeing his reaction.

Is something going on between these two?

But Kiara would have already told me about it.


I shrugged it off for the moment and adjusted my attire before walking towards the door which was already held open by Kristian who seemed as if he was avoiding any further eye contact with me.

What's wrong with him all of a sudden?

I looked at his weird body language but then I heard a familiar voice which immediately made me turn towards the direction of the voice and there I saw him talking to some people. A smile immediately formed on my face seeing him. He was wearing a dark grey slim fit tuxedo but what made him look more handsome was his new haircut. His hair was nicely and closely trimmed around the edges. The cut is even, and the haircut looked tidy. The hairstyle suited him and this enhanced his face even more.

He was talking to whom I guessed as his business clients.

"By the way, I forgot to tell you something, " I heard Kristian's voice from behind me and I turned to look at him.


ny times to speak isn't it hu? hu?" I wiggled my eyebrows at him and he looked at me void of any emotions. He stood there still holding my arms in his hands before he blinked few times and opened his mouth to speak but then closed it as if no words formed in his mouth. The moment was interrupted by none other than the noisy Loana herself.

"Zackie!" she chirped standing next to Zachary who was still looking at me avoiding or should I say oblivious to her presence.

She looked at Zachary's hands on mine and then at me. I watched as her jaws locked and she gritted her teeth in annoyance.


"It's Mr. Sullivan to you Ms. Ularu, " Zachary spoke after a while cutting her off.

"Oh c'mon" she laughed "What's the forma-"

"Did you not hear him? It's Mr. Sullivan to you, " I said narrowing my eyes at her. She stopped mid-sentence and glared at me.

"I can call him whatever I want! It's personal. It's between him and-" removing Zachary's hand from my arms I took a side step and stood directly before Loana "There is nothing between you and him. Everything related to him is related to me because..." I smiled sweetly at her "I am his wife and he is my husband after all, " I completed smirking at her.

She balled her fists and her breathing shortened as she eyed me angrily "Zackie look at h-"

"I said it's Mr. Sullivan for you Ms. Ularu! You heard my wife already" I heard Zachary's cold tone and I knew it that he was already looking at her with his sharp soul-piercing look which he uses on his second business to deal with his enemies.

Ularu eyes widened and I watched sweat formed on her chin and forehead as she looked at Zachary and then back at me. She took a step back but I lunged forward and hugged her catching her off guard.

"Saw it? Heard it? Got it? I am his wife. His WIFE. And by the way, he told me that he loves me and nobody else in this world.So remember that next time you try to put your filthy hands on my husband because next time I see your plastic hands on my man I'll rip your throat by my own hands, " I whispered with venom filled in my voice.

As I pulled myself from her I looked at her and with a smile, I completed "And I mean it!"

She looked taken aback for a second but then composed herself and smiling at the people who were intently watching us turned on her heels and disappeared into the crowd.

I hope she doesn't trail after him again...

"Juliette!" I smiled to myself and turned around to face Zachary.

"We are leaving right now!" he whispered-yelled at me and narrowed his eyes at me when I opened my mouth to speak as if warning me not speak a word.

"But what about this party?" I asked as I followed him while he took long strides to get out of the hall.

"Party can go to hell, " I heard him mutter which immediately made me giggle. But I stopped when he turned and glared at me.

"After you gentleman, " I held the door open for him as I gestured him to walk out first.

He looked at me and muttering "what an Idiot...Clown!" he walked out and I followed him laughing silently at him.

As we walked past the guards who tried to stop me when I first came here from entering looked at in shock and in horror when they saw Zachary walking out with anger emitting from his body. Probably, they thought I have complained about the incident to him and he was here to fire them but to their shock, Zachary walked past them without even bothering to witnessing their presence. I ran after him out of the hall but stopped and looked back at the guards who were still looking our way. I winked at them comically, letting them know that everything is alright. They looked taken aback for a second but then smiled at me and to each other looking relieved.

"Juliette!" roared the tiger.

"Ah! Coming!" I yelled and followed Zachary out of the building.

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