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   Chapter 55 NO.55

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Juliette Pov

What are you doing?

Let me go!

Who are you?


Mom! Dad!

Jace.... Help me!


Somebody, please help me...

Zachary Udolf Sullivan.

Why did you save me today?

Zachary get me out of here, please! I can't breathe

I will never trust you. You killed my Emmett. You are a murderer.

Z-Zachary he betrayed me.

I hate you Em- oh sorry Nicholas.

I can't keep this necklace, Zachary. It belongs to your family and I do not belong to your family.

Zachary! You douche!

What? You all knew about Emmett being Nicholas from the beginning?

Dad, how could you?

I am stuck in a marriage deal.

Zachary is not the villain. Nicholas is...

Zachary you monkey! I'll kill you.

How do I look?

Loana and Zachary?

Zachary is my husband.

Zachary loves you? Loana Ularu...

But Zachary she started it all...

He doesn't believe me.

Oh my god! I am going to die today...

Vito? Nicholas?

Save me...



I think I'm in love with him.

But he doesn't love me.

Dad let's get back home.

Kiara! I can't forget him.

I am sorry Kiara. I've caused you a lot of pain. I'll try to move on.


You left me.

I have fallen for you.

I am here to take you back whether you like it or not.


Everything replayed in my mind. From the day I met him to the very present moment everything replayed in my mind. I felt my body heating up as I felt his wet lips on mine. Placing my hand on his chest, I knew I have two options and it was I could stop him and push him away else I could let him do whatever he wants.

But that's not correct.

He should know what I felt for him.

Sure, he told me that he doesn't care what I feel for him but still he should know.

But then, I need to know about him and Loana.

Am I the person who came in the middle of their relationship?

I felt him touch the side of my face as he got on top of me properly and moved his lips softly. I stayed still.

Not because I didn't want to kiss him but my body wasn't listening to me. I felt his finger on the side of my neck as he kissed me passionately. Slowly and steadily.

His lips molding against mine as he fastens his pace and soon enough my body arched up to his touch as I felt the shiver and tingles running all over my body. No wonder, my face heat up and I could literally feel the blood rush to my cheeks. Mustering up courage, I let myself to be kissed by the man whom I loved and slowly I tried to follow him. I opened my mouth for a bit but then he left me.

As I looked into his eyes, he looked into mine as if he was trying to search for something. His eyes roamed over my face and then end on my swollen lips as I opened my mouth to exhale and inhale. His breath fanned on my face and soon enough I felt his cold finger on my eyebrow, as he trailed his finger on the scar that I had got because of a guy who accidentally threw his baseball bat in my direction.

"Juliette, " he whispered. My name rolling out from his tongue made me want him more. I was hot to my core and damn the man didn't have any idea how I felt.

"What about Loana?" I heard myself.

"What?" he asked with furrowed eyebrows but then I realised what I just did.


"Miss Ularu?" he questioned as he lifted his body up and sat next to mine on the bed looking down at me with a confused state.

Should I ask him?

Well, the words have already left my mouth.

"Yes, Loana Ularu, " I said as I used my elbows to lift myself up and I sat next to him pushing the loose strands of my hair behind my ear.

"What about her?" he asked slowly.

"Aren't you together?" I asked and fidgeted with my fingers.

I waited for him to reply but after two to three seconds when he didn't open his mouth I turned to looked at him to find him already looking at me.

"What?"I asked slowly confused by his state.

"Pardon?" he said and I inhaled deeply before asking once again "Aren't you both toget-"

"Who do you think I am?" he snarled all of a sudden making me gasp. He glared at me and hastily got down of the bed rubbing his face.

"But I..." he turned around swiftly and bent down putting both of his hands on my either side looking straight into my eyes. His action made me bent backward a little but then his behavior confused me even further.

"Why have been so stuck up with her?"

"What is your problem with her?"

"You even fought with her the last time-" I cut him in the middle " I? You are saying that I fought with her? How judgemental of you Zachary! Do you even know what she told me that day? She was the one who provoked me" I argued glaring back at him emphasizing my words letting him know that I was telling the truth.

"And you! You even raised your hand on me that day!" I felt the sides of my eyes stinging as I remembered the day.

"Juliette I-" he withdrew his hands from my side as he took few steps backward.

"Forgive me for that!" he said apologetically as I hugged myself and turned my head to the side.

"But you were so wild. You weren't behaving like a normal person and you were out of control, " he said raising

who was still back in Romania and asked him for Willi's number. He even argued and yelled at me asking me to return back. I'm sure Zachary would have killed him for his behavior but I didn't really care because I felt how much he worried about Zachary. I asked him to forgive me and finally got Willi's number after listening to his half an hour of lecture. Then it was Willi's turn of lecturing me. Every sentence he said had the word 'Heartless' which was only directed towards me.

He even said that if it wasn't for Zachary he would have gifted me a piece of hearing that night when he came to take Zachary back with him. I had to apologize to him too and then after another half an hour of a lecture he told me the address of Zachary's penthouse and told me that he would be attending a business party in two hours.

"Everyone is just making me feel as if I am the villain here, " I told Kiara after Willi the lecturer hung up on me after warning me not to break Zachary's heart once again.

"Huh!" Kiara scoffed at me before walking away.

"Wow, " I muttered.

"Are you out of your mind?" Kiara snapped at me as she pulled my dress.

"Take this dress of right now I am telling you!" she pulled me by my arms.

"No! What's wrong with this dress?" I asked as I looked at my green colored sheath dress. The dress had a plunging neckline and the dress had waist cut-outs which revealed my skin on the side my waist.

"Wear something red! You need to look hot and sexy and my dear RED is the definition of sexiness. Red means sexiness" she argued but I argued back "I want to wear this green one, "

"Zachary is correct! You are an idiot!" she exhaled and inhaled deeply.

"At least wear something black. You look good in black!" she said but I shook my head no and turned towards the mirror to look at myself.

Okay! The neckline is damn too plunging.

My hair was made into wavy curls and my makeup was minimum with eyeliner, mascara and light red lipstick.

"Why are you so obsessed with green today? You look like a tree!" she remarked as she sat on the bed.

Because it's his favorite color...

"I just fell like wearing this today, " I said smiling at my reflection.

"Whatever your wish!" I heard her whisper which made me chuckle at her. As I looked at her through the mirror she huffed out air and gave up. She smiled back at me and whispered "All the best, "

As we walked towards the door I reminded her to thank Tess who had given me her car keys.

"Juliette!" I turned around when I heard Kiara calling me from my back.

"Make sure..." she yelled but stopped in the middle.

"Make sure?" I questioned furrowing my eyebrows at her.

"Make sure you don't use a protection!" she yelled shamelessly. The passer-by looked at her and then at me giving us 'that' look.

"Kiara!" I snapped at her.

"What? Think about it! If you-" I put my hand on my ear feeling the blood rush on my cheek as I turned to leave but as soon as I freed my ear in order to open the car door she yelled "If you become pregnant then he will have to remain with you. You know! You got the power. Pull his leash-"

"My god Kiara!" I snapped at her showed her the middle finger which made her laugh in fits.

"Hysterical hyena!" I muttered but smiled at her childishness as I put the car in gear and sped up on the drive away.

"I am coming, Zachary. Wait for me. I'll make it up to you" I smiled as I drove towards his direction.

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