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A gust of wind went past me hitting my face in the process. A small smile appeared on my lips as I turned a little to look behind to find my girls taking pictures on the roadside. Marianna decided to take a little break since Tess has been riding continuously for hours. We saw a meadow and that was when we thought about parking the car on the roadside and to enjoy the scenery for a little while. After taking the pictures, I decided to walk crossing the road to the other side where I stood under a tree looking at the vast ocean of sunflowers. As far as my eyes could see, the only thing I could see was the bobbing head of the sunflowers.

"Guys look there!" I could hear Eve shouting from across the road towards my direction.

"Oh wow!"

"C'mon let's go there!"

Without a warning four of them ran past me into the field not even caring about any snake or insects which could cause them harm. They went directly into the middle and soon enough began to take pictures.

"Hey Juliette, " I heard Kiara calling me and I looked up at her direction where she stood next to Eve and Marianna waving at me to join them.

I smiled and nodded my head no politely declining the offer. My declination caused her to slump her shoulders in defeat and she turned back to Tess clicking pictures of her with the sunflowers.

As I stood there silently laughing and chuckling at my friends who were busy clicking pictures and making funny poses my mind couldn't help but recall the moment when Zachary encircled me in his arms and caught me off guard by taking a selfie with me as he called it 'making memories'.

I still remember the day, he made my heart pound rapidly. I knew that I was in love once again cause a mere touch by him made me feel those things which I never really felt when I was with Emmett. But again, it was the same day where everything ended. I understood that whatever I was feeling towards him was one sided. It was hard to know that the man I loved would never reciprocate how I feel towards him.

A sigh escaped my mouth as sadness marred my cheerful mood and I rubbed my face using my palms.

It is not really necessary to get love from the one whom you love the most. I guess I have a rotten luck after all. When it comes to love, I always fail.

"Juliette!" I was broke out of my state when I saw Tess standing before me with a frown on her face.

"What?" I asked slowly and raised my eyebrows in confusion when she pointed towards my back with her eyes.

"What?" I whispered confused and then turned to look at what she was pointing. My eyes widen in shock for a minute but as quickly as I could I turned back around hiding my expression from the one who was standing across the road with a cigarette in between his finger, leaning against our car. There stood the man about whom I have been reminiscing a few minutes ago wearing a black polo shirt and black jeans with brown shoes.

"What is he-" I couldn't help but feel my cheeks burn and I could clearly hear the pumping of my heartbeat.

"He has been standing there and has been looking at you all this while. Who is he? I think I have seen him somewhere! Where?" she questioned herself putting her hand under her chin while I stood there fidgetting with my finger thinking what to do.

Why does he always show up out of nowhere?

"How long has he been there?" I asked more like whispered to Tess.

"Um may be from two minutes. He stopped the car and walked up to our car and has been standing there watching you all the while. Who is he anywa-"

My nostrils flared up inhaling the familiar cologne of the man and immediately I realized that he has moved behind me and was now standing few inches away from me. He was close, close enough that I could feel the warmth of his body engulfing me.

"Sorry to interrupt. Can I borrow her for some minutes?" his masculine husky tone filled my ears as he stood behind me and asked directly to Tess completely ignoring my presence.

"Eh?" Tess gave him a puzzled look and turned to look at me.

"Why not!" I heard an annoying chirpy voice which belonged to Kiara.

"But Ki-" Tess was cut off by Kiara "It's okay they know each other, " she said and even though I wanted to glare and yell at Kiara, I couldn't. He was too close.

"Thank you, " I heard his voice and by the tone, I assumed that he smiled at them because soon enough I found Eve and Tess swooning over him.

Like a gust of wind, I felt the absence of his presence and guessed that he might have left not even bothering to ask me if I wanted to come or not. I looked at Kiara and she gave me a toothy grin. A faint smile appeared on my lips as I decided to join him and making up my mind that I would only listen whatever he has to say. Why all of a sudden he decided to show up in my life and why does he want to talk to me.

"I'll be back, " I said and turned slowly to find him wa


"Run as fast as you can. Run as long as you can. But make sure that you don't stop!" all of a sudden he leaped forward pulling my hair from my ponytail, but not painfully making me glance straight up into his eyes.

"Because if you do, " he chuckled as I watched his eyes turned darker and darker but out of lust?

"I'll be right behind you to take you, " he leaned closer and pressed his cheek to mine.

Ta-Take me?

"Then you can't ever escape. You will end up having regrets for ever stopping. After all, it was all your fault" he laughed and took few steps back eyeing me hungrily "You burned the desire in me to chase."




"Yo! Yo!" I broke out of my state when I saw Kiara moving her hands before my eyes.

"Will you tell me what happened?" she asked as I sat properly on my seat and looked out of the running car. The sun had already set down and we were heading right back to our home. After that conversation with Zachary, I was too shocked to even move. He dragged me back to his car and drove us back where had picked me up. Our moods were reversed by the time we reached back. He looked lighter, happier and generous while me, on the other hand, shocked, confused and flustered.

This is how it feels when a man truly loves a woman?

And is this really how it feels to know that you are the woman who he loves?

"I will take you, "

"Because believe me, I never had this desire to love someone before. And now when I had it, I think it will be difficult for you to escape."

"So give in to me."

His words kept rotating before my eyes and I felt my cheeks burning. His words have also set me on fire. Lifting up my leg on the seat, I put my head on my knees wanting to hide my face from Kiara but all the while a silly smile remained plastered on my face.

He fell in love with me. With me.

His confession has given me a reason to smile once again. He had freed me from the pain I have been feeling all these months. If I had known it earlier then I would not have ignored him last night. It wasn't my intention. But I was in pain and I was broken. I needed him and all of a sudden he appeared before me which made me flee.

Had only I have kno-

"Wait!" I said out loud as I rose my head up when the reality dawned on me.

"What about Loana?" I thought as I balled my fist and looked out of the window all of a sudden anger burning inside me as I remembered her and what she did.

"I m telling you I have seen him somewhere before, " Tess punched the steering wheel as she drove us back to our home.

"Oh just shut up!" was what Marianna replied in annoyance.


Okay I just wrote this chapter just like that. I am not a cent percent positive about this chapter. I'll change this chapter for sure.

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