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   Chapter 49 NO.49

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"What?" I jerked my hands away from him and stopped in my place. He stopped in front of me and I watched as his shoulder rolled back and he sighed before turning to face me.

We were in the different part of the field away from our family and nearer to the lake. The sun was above us and the water in the lake shined because of the rays of the sun. Some people were boating while some were fishing. We stood under a tree and I crossed my arms over my chest looking towards the lake.

"Tell me, " he said out of nowhere which made me look back at him and I raised an eyebrow at him confused from the inside thinking what he meant by that.

"What?" I asked in a low tone. He shoved his hands into his pant pockets and pursed his lips as he threw his head backward and then slowly he looked back at me.

"We are not leaving this place until you tell me what is your problem, " he said and I turned around ready to leave but stopped when he held my hand stopping me from going.

"Leave my hand, " I said and wiggled my hand.

"That's not the answer to my question, " he stated and that made me even angrier than I already was.

"I said leave my hand, " I looked back at him and said enunciating each word so that he would get it that I was not having it from him today.

"Fine, " surprisingly he said in a soft tone and let go of my hand and raised his hands in surrender.

"I won't touch you but just answer the damn question, " he said and I rolled my eyes at him and turned around to leave but stopped when all of a sudden he moved in front of me blocking my way. I glared at him and took a side step but he mimicked my actions and finally, I gave up after three attempts and took a step back as I rolled the loose strands of my hair using my finger and put it behind my ear.

"Why are we here?" I asked once we stood silently.

"We are here because you will answer my qu-" I cut him off in the middle "I means why are we here in this place?" I asked circling my hands in the air gesturing the place.

"For family picnic?" he answered more like a question.

"Right, for a picnic. And what exactly is a family picnic?" I questioned to which he gave me a look which clearly told me that he didn't get anything.

"Forget it! Nevermind! Look we are for fun and to cradle up some memorable days of our life, I have been through worse from these past few days and don't spoil my mood now, " I said and I knew I was being a bitch but then he didn't even react. I hoped to see anger resurfacing his features or him lashing out at me but nothing, which totally surprised me.

"So you are here for fun and happy memories?" he asked and I watched when he shoved his hand back into his pant pockets and pulled out his phone. I didn't answer his question but looked the other way looking at the boat in which a kid and whom I guessed as the kid's father were happily enjoying their day fishing and boating.

"Well, then I guess you are not the only who want happy memories, " he said and my head turned towards his direction in a jerk when he encircled his arm around my waist and pulled me close.

"What are doing?" I tried to push him and struggled against him. He raised his other hand in the air and I looked at it, to find him holding his phone up in camera mode.

"Taking a picture, " he said and as I turned to look at him to speak, I heard a click sound and I looked at his phone to find a picture in which he was looking at camera with me looking at his face.

"Give me that, " I ordered him and tried to snatch the phone from him. He raised his hands over his head. His height taunting and mocking my failed attempts of getting the phone. I raise my arm up in order to snatch his phone but then he pulled me closer. Closer to the point, where our face was only inches apart. His minty breath fanned my face causing a pure emotion taking birth inside my heart. All of a sudden, my heart raced against my chest and I felt my cheeks burning.

"What are you doing?" I jerked out of the little moment as I realized what was going on, I took a step backward and he let me go freeing me from his grasp. I turned around and took a step forward to leave but stopped when he asked " Will you not answer my question?" he asked. I shook head negatively letting him know that I won't but even though I wanted to tell him, I wanted to come forward by himself and tell me.

"Find it out by yourself!" I exclaimed and glanced over my shoulder at him before turning around and leaving.

"How did you two kiss? On the boat? Under the tree? Among the row of flowers? on the dock?" Kiara shot the number of questions at me once I reached back to her.

"Shut up Kiara!" I said and leaned against the tree and looked at Loana who sat on the carpet displaying her right leg and was busy texting something on her phone.

"Where is Zachary?" she asked looking here and there and then her eyes fell on me.

"Where is he?" she asked me.

"He is - oh there he is!" I said pointing towards the way from where I saw Zachary walking towards us.

"What was he doing there? Alone?" Loana asked and I raised my eyebrows at her and heaved a sigh. She gave me a headache. How is it even her concern where Zachary went and what he did?

"Who told you that he was alone?" Kiara butted in and I looked at her signaling her not to open her stupid mouth and say something stupid but being the stubborn woman she was she rolled her eyes at me and said: "Juliette was with him."

"What?" Loana questioned looking confused.

"What were you doing with him there and that also alone?" she crossed her arms over her chest and looked at me giving me a nasty look as if she was accusing me of committing a crime.

"Duh! What can't she be with him" Kiara air quoted the word "alone?"

"She is his wife after all and why are you asking so many things about Zachary. Your date is there, " Kiara pointed towards Kristian who was talking to Jace near the lake "Ask things about him and your concern should only be him not a married man, Mr. Zachary Sullivan, " Kiara taunted her and I watched as the colour faded away from Loana's face and anger marred her face. Her jaws clenched and unclenched and she had her palms in a tight fist.

"Watch what you say! You are in no position to talk to me like that! Do you even know who I am?" she snarled at Kiara.

"Who are you? Enlighten me!" Kiara mocked her.

"You bitch! I am Zackie's girlfriend!" she said in pride and that immediately blocked the air in my lungs as I looked at her stunned by her words. Her revelation caught me off guard but most importantly, her words like were a sharp knife which went past my heart making it bleed.

"Ha! Have you seen your face bitch? This woman, " Kiara pointed her finger at me "Is this woman, his wife! You are nobody!" Kiara said and Loana stood up from her place and Kiara held my arm and pulled me up with her.

"Wife? Are you kidding me? My Zackie loves me not her. I know he is married because of family pressure but soon he will be getting rid of this bitch. Do you want to see the signs of how much he loves me?" she asked smirking at us and then she took her her hand up and pulled her neckline baring her right breast to us. A gasp escaped my mouth as I saw the love bites on her skin that instantly clenched my heart.

"Firstly don't show us your sagging boob. My eyes will bleed now!" Kiara said closing her eyes as if her eyes were hurting her seeing the feminine of part of the woman who stood before us.

"Secondly, keep your dirty tricks to yourself. Juliette don't believe a slut like her have the number of men in their bed you can't even imagine. She is just trying to get to you and create misunderstanding between you two!" Kiara warned me but it seemed as if the words were not reaching my mind. Loana's voice in the background when Zachary called me echoed my mind and my mind began to think about the impossibilities. But then my heart broke and shattered into pieces when I thought about it.

My eyes stung as the tears threatened to stream down but I refused to let it flow. I took in deep breaths and closed my eyes telling my mind that it wasn't true. The woman before me was just lying on my face and it was only because of the fact that I liked Zachary, her words were getting to me. Even if her words like a slap to the feelings that I felt for Zachary, I managed to control my emotions and opened my eyes glaring

small window and carefully took baby steps as I walked towards the side with my back facing the wall and my front facing the front open area. I did a mistake to look down and that knocked the sense out of me. I was standing in a narrow beam, three floors up from the ground with no help but the walls to be held as I took small sidesteps in order to get away from the damn window.

No! Don't look down.

You can do it, Juliette!

God, please help me.

As seconds went by I realized that I was going to die soon. Either in the hands of Nicholas or by falling off from a three floor high. If I lost my balance and managed to fell, the chances of me surviving with broken limbs and hands waved before my eyes and I shook my head even thinking about letting go and jump in order to escape them.

As I waited for my death to cocoon me, I heard gunshots again and that came from inside the room from where I had taken the beam for support. Guessing it as Nicholas firing the bullets in thin air for frightening me, I closed my eyes and waited for him to come and kill him. Prayers left my mouth as I chanted in a low voice praying to the almighty's to save me. But then I heard the voice, which I thought as Nicholas's turned out to be of Zachary.

What? Am I imagining Zachary at a time like this?

I cursed myself for being so weak and felt as beads of sweat formed on my forehead. It was like a slow motion, I felt sweat trickling down my forehead, I could even hear my own pounding heartbeat, heard the shuffling sounds in the background when my eyes jerked open hearing the particular man's voice.

"Juliette! You idiot!" he screamed and slowly when I turned my head towards the window I found him.

Half of his upper body was out of the window and he was looking at me with what I thought I would never witness in my life but worry filled in his eyes. Tears rolled down my face when I saw him as his words went past my ear and I watched as he forwarded his hand asking me to take it. As I cried, I shook my head no because I was too scared to move now. I thought I would lose my balance and end my life but then he encouraged me to take his hand.

"Juliette! Juliette! Look into my eyes. Just look into my eyes! Listen! Nothing will happen to you- No! No! don't close your eyes. Look into my eyes and just hear my voice. Come to me, Juliette! Yes, Come here! Take my hand! Just a few steps more. Yes, you are here. You ar-" he grabbed my hand and pulled me to him. He went in first and then pulled me in. Once I was in, I was pulled into a tight hug.

I was still in shock. I was petrified. As I looked behind him, there I saw him. Nicholas on the ground, with blood oozing out of his leg with Willie pointing a gun above his head warning him not to move.

"It's okay! You are safe now, " I heard Zachary's voice and felt him caress the back of my head.

"I am here. It's okay now, " he said softly into my ears as he embraced me tightly and soothingly caressed my hair. But I stood their limp with my arms on my side in his arms as I tears continued to roll down my face as I looked at a captured Nicholas and the gun.

Both Nicholas and Vito were finally caught. They had come to kill me and to get my money. Zachary found out that one of our guards was one of his man who gave them information about everything that was going on inside the house. Vito and Nicholas were just looking for the right time to get to me alone in the house with no shield or protection and as soon as everyone left they made it to me.

Not a single guard of Zachary survived but still, he managed to reach me on time with his men and took the charge. Max was also present there captivating Vito while both Zachary and Willie ran up to save me, or should I say to get Nicholas.

I was still traumatized by the event that took place with me being alone in the house. Hilda was safe and she sat gave me a glass of water as I felt my mom caressing the side of my face constantly saying me that they were here now and everything was okay. It turned out, my family including mom, dad, Jace, Kiara and even Kristian returned back as soon as Zachary informed them about my condition. It's already been fours hours to the incident but yet I am feeling the same anxiety inside me thinking as if I was going to die any soon.

Zachary took Vito and Nicholas to his study room followed by Max and Willie and some other men and they didn't come out of the room the whole four hours.

"Juliette, my baby. Everything is fine. Talk to me!" dad said as he knelt on his knees before me on the ground.

Jace was standing behind me, while mom sat on the left side on the sofa while Kiara sat on the other side holding my arm.

"Juliette baby girl look at me!" my dad begged and even though I could hear everything they said I just couldn't move from my place.

"Mr. Sullivan, " I heard my dad as Zachary finally came out of his study room and walked to our direction. I didn't look at him but I knew he was coming.

"Take them!" I heard Zachary and the guessing from the curse and scream voices I assumed he wanted Vito and Nicholas to be taken somewhere away from where he could handle them all alone. It was good though. Just take them away from me.

"How is sh-" I cut Zachary in the middle as I finally made an effort talk and I looked up towards my dad saying "Dad?"

He looked relieved and he turned around and paid me his whole attention smiling at me as he waited for me to speak.

"Let's go back home!" I said and watched his eyes filled up with joy and he took a step forward encircling me in his arms he said a loud 'yes.'

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