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   Chapter 46 NO.46

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Juliette Pov

"The house is damn big!" Jace said as Hilda served us our food. It was already the time for dinner and hence, we all sat together in the dining hall on the dining table for dinner. Only one person was missing that was undoubtedly Zachary.

"I don't get it, how are even able to manage the whole house all by yourself?" he asked to which everyone looked at me.

"What? I don't really do anything. Everything is managed by Hilda and the other maids" I told them and he nodded.

"That's good! Don't get used to all this, after all, you will soon be back to your own house and then I don't want you to miss all this, " dad said which made Kiara and mom look at my direction. Kiara with a look as if she wants me to tell dad that 'I don't want to leave Zachary even after all this ends'. I nodded my head no at her and she shook her head sighing at me.

"Honey please!" I heard mom.

"What? It is the truth! She shouldn't get used to all this. After all, she can build her own house like this now with the money that dad had left for her. She shouldn't rely on Mr. Sullivan for money, " I cut him off "Dad!"

"I am not with Zachary because of his" I air quoted "money."

"I know!" dad said with a guilty look "I mean, just don't get used to him or his wealth."

"Dad!" I licked my lips as I looked back at Kiara and then at Jace " Regarding the money that grandpa has left for me, "

"Yeah? What about it?" he asked.

"I don't want it!" I said and the spoon dropped from his hand hitting the costly clay plate making a noisy clinging sound.

"What do you mean by you don't want it!" he snapped, anger contouring his feature.

"Dad! I said I don't want it means I don't want it!" I snapped back. When it came to anger me and dad were always equal and it was only because of him, I snapped and gave him angry remarks whenever I lose my calm.

"We are talking about money over here and not just some pound or dollar but billions. You want to throw it or give it to charity? Are you mad?" he asked which made me hold the bridge of my nose in aggravation.

"Dad! Don't overreact! When did I even tell you that I will hand it over to the charity? Will you let me complete?" I asked and he was going to speak but as mom held his arm stopping him from speaking he sighed and nodded urging me to continue.

"I want to transfer it to Jace's name, " I said and everyone said "What?" in unison stunned by my decision.

"Are you mad? I don't want it! If you do transfer it in my name then they will be after me to kill me. In your case, you have a powerful man, your husband Zac who will save your sorry ass. Who will save me from those goons?" Jace said with an animatic look.

"Zac?" I asked stunned.

"Yes, he said I can call him that" Jace smiled and I looked at Kiara shocked.

"I will slap you hard on your face Jace. Is this the way you talk with your sister?" mom warned Jace who just shifted in his seat and lowering his head he muttered a quiet sorry.

"What is this decision all of a sudden?" Dad asked and I thought for a moment.

"Listen carefully!" I said and told them the plan that I had been thinking of the day dad revealed about Nicholas being after my money.

"Oh, you look little thin, " mom told me as she caressed my hair as I put my head on her lap in my room.

"You two sleep on the same bed?" dad asked looking like as if he was going to pass out.

"Honey!" mom snapped at him.

"No, I mean do you both sleep on the same bed?" he asked exaggerating again.

"Mom please tell him to go away and leave me alone, " I complained and mom nodded.

"Honey, go back to the room, change and sleep, " she told him and dad opened his mouth to speak to which mouth cut him off as she said warningly "I said go to the room and SLEEP, " she glared at him and I looked at dad who visibly gulped and left the room politely but not before looking my way as if telling me that he would ask me the question later when mom is not around.

"You scared him, " I giggled to which mom laughed.

"He is just too much sometimes" mom complained and I couldn't deny that.

My dad had that habit of exaggerating everything. He will even argue and fight and he would say that whatever he is saying is right, until mom interferes.

"And no I'm not thin, I feel like as if I had put on weight. My jeans are now tight to me" I said and she shook her head "Nonsense! Look at your face, you look slim" she said to which I shrugged.

"DO you like Zachary?" she asked and I looked up at her with wide eyes.

"What? Mom! Oh no

curled my hair only in the end. She wore a pink colored skater dress with golden beads on her neckline and hemline. She wore a golden color peep toe shoe and did the same hairstyle as mine.

Our whole family was going out for dinner in a restaurant and that is why we all got ready before the time.

"Let's go, " I said and she nodded as we walked out of the room to the living room where everyone was waiting.

"Oh wow" Zachary's mom exclaimed looking at us.

"Thank you, " we said and smiled at each other.

"I will drive yo-" before Zachary could say anything I cut him off and asked his father, Gale "Can we come with you in your car?" I asked referring myself and Kiara and he looked at Zachary and then at me "Um Yeah! Sure" he looked apprehensive while he talked because his so called on was glaring at him now.

"Fine! Let's go, Mr. and Mrs. Swanson. Jace, you can take the front seat, " he said and Jace nodded smiling at him. Grandpa went with them and me, Kiara, Zachary's mom and grandma chose to go with Gale.

"Okay, Let's go, " Gale said and we all went out and sat in his car.

As we were about to drive off, Zachary's car overtook us going out at a full speed. Jace had a smug face when he plastered his face in the car's window as he looked our way. That made us laugh. Jace loved speed cars and in the other hand, I prayed for my family who was in that car with Zachary.

"He is pissed, " Kiara commented into my ear and I just shrugged in response.

"You saw his driving?" Gale complained to mom and she snorted.

"Better than yours, " she said and we all laughed when he groaned at her response and muttered about something always taking her son's side.

In the restaurant, I sat next to Kiara and made sure Jace sit next to me this made Zachary even more pissed off as he went to the other side and sat before me glaring at me. I rolled my eyes at him and averted my eyes off him.

Our big family needed a big table and that is why we chose to take a table on the terrace in open sky enjoying the night with the pianist playing in the background and a beautiful scenery of the nightlife of Romania.

"Oh I am in love with this place, " my mom said and my mother-in-law who was sitting next to her nodded in agreement. They laughed and talked so much it looked as if they were best friends from a long time. My dad even talked to my father-in-law as if they buddies. Everyone looked happy but the only person who wasn't was Zachary who stabbed his food with his fork and it looked as if he was thinking the vegetable ball as my face when he stabbed it.

"Oh, he is here, " Grandma said out loud and we all looked the direction where she was looking. Kristian was supposed to join and he had called his grandma informing her that he would bring his date to join us.

But then the color drained my face and I heard both my mother-in-law and father-in-law groaning when we spotted the man whom I guessed as Kristian and the woman with whom he entered the place.

Loana Ularu.

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