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   Chapter 43 NO.43

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Zachary Pov

Happiness, intensity and sensuous is what I felt as I kissed her and I wrapped my arms around her waist and with a jerk pulled her closer to me. I heard her gasp as I did that and angled my head to get the perfect access to her lips. As expected, her lips were so soft and due to water running over us, her lips were moist which made me even crazier and I kissed her deeply and passionately pouring the feelings of my heart into the kiss. For minutes, she stood there in shock and as I was going to pull away I felt her hand on the back of my head and I felt her other hand wrapping on my torso as she moved closer and she moved her lips kissing me.

My heartbeat raced and I moved my hand feeling her body under my touch. I wanted to take her then and there. We were kissing hard when I moved and sandwiched her body to mine and the wall. I kept both of my hands on the wall and felt as she moved her on my body feeling my abs and muscles. She gasped when I squeezed her waist and then slowly I started kissing her face and neck but then realization hit me.

My eyes jerked open and I moved backward.

Oh shit!

What did I do?

She was panting hard and she stood leaning against the wall with her eyes closed. I pulled my hair in frustration. What did I do?

Why did I do that?

Regret flashed through my body as I hurriedly turned around and turned the shower off. Raking a hand through my wet hair, I walked out of the bathroom. As I came out, I leaned against the wall and put my hand on my mouth. "What did I do?" I felt like crying.

She is not even sober and I kissed her. What will she even think when she gets to know this once she is sober. She would probably hate me even more or worst, she would claim to be sent back her home. What will I do if she asks me to send her back? I can't lie to myself anymore. I know what has happened to me and I don't want to run away from it any longer but not like this. Not, like this.

I regretted kissing a drunken woman who has no senses upon what's going on. She would probably hate me even more. And even if she asks me to go back home, I don't really think that I can ever stop her. After everything that she has gone through I doesn't really think it will be a good option to restrain her from any rights and what did I just do?

It's my entire fault. I let my attraction towards her have control over me. I let my emotions control me. This is not good, not for me not even for her.

"This is no-" I stopped in the middle when I felt two hands wrap around my torso.

"Juli-" she cut me off and hush me.

"Juliette, let me go! You are drunk!" I said and tried to pry her hands from around me but she tightened it even more and clutched my soaked shirt denying to let go of me.

"It is not correc-"

"Then what is correct?" she asked me and turned me around.

"You are drunk! You would hate me tomorrow for doing this to you. Understand!" I said as I held her beautiful face and caressed her cheeks using my thumb.

"I can never hate you, " she said as she held my hand and leaned into my touch.

"No, this is not good" I jerked my hands away from her touch and turned around walking towards the door. If I stood any longer, then I would no longer control myself. The woman was even trying to seduce me. It is how alcohol turns an innocent and na?ve woman to a fierce seductress and confident one?

"Zachary!" she called but I didn't stop. I sped up my pace and walked towards the door just wanting to get away. The temperature in the room was suddenly high all I wanted was to move away, far away from the woman whom I respected the most. No longer did I have any intention to hurt her mentally or physically though what I did earlier was just to save her and keep her oblivious to what was going around her but this was just too much. I can't hurt her, if I do, then I knew I would only end up hurting mysel

if she felt my eyes penetrating her soul she looked the other way avoiding eye contact.

"And what is that?" I asked as I leaned against my chair and crossed my arms across my chest.

"Umm. Wha- What-t" she stammered to which I raised one eyebrow and nodded urging her to complete what she started.

"What happened y-yesterday?" she asked stuttering in the middle and looked at me.

I narrowed my eyes at her and pulled the glass off my eyes.

"You don't remember?" I challenged her with my gaze.

She shifted on her seat and scratched her forehead and pursed her lips. She looked nervous and the nervousness proved that she remembered some parts of it at least why she got all those marks on her body.

"No, I don't!" she said and I nodded but smirked at her but then turned my face into a neutral one when she looked at me.

"Liar!" I thought.

"Well, then how will I know what happened with you? The only parts I know is that you drinking in that mini bar to the point where you couldn't even stand before you could make a fool out of yourself I saved you by bringing you home and then you slept tired by your actions" I said and acted as calm and cool I could. I skipped some parts because I knew she remembers them. Though not everything guessing from her actions I hoped she remembered some parts of it.

"Th-Tha's it?" she asked and narrowed her eyes challenging me to tell the whole thing.

As if?

"Yeah! That's it!" I gave her a nod and smiled.

"Oh! Fine!" she was now glaring at me and I had to pinch my thigh from stopping myself from laughing.

She stood up and smiled sarcastically at me to which I returned with a genuine one of mine. As she walked towards the door I checked her swaying ass and bit down on my knuckles.

I have decided that until she comes forward and tells me how she feels about me I won't show her any affection from my side, Just because I have fallen for her it doesn't mean that I will kneel down before her. For me, a relationship is about equality. She must love me as much as I do and I will make sure that she understands that. Until she tells me what I am to her, she will keep on witnessing the ruthless and jerk of a Zachary. Once, she tells me how she feels I promise to myself she will even forget how she ever felt in love with that rat of a Nicholas. She will see the hidden side of me, which will only love and cherish her until death.

I smiled to myself when stopped right before the door and looked back at me muttering something under breath. She looked clearly pissed.


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