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   Chapter 41 NO.41

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Juliette POV

The mirror reflected my conscious self as I looked into myself dressed in a dress that Zachary or should I say Cosmina has chosen for me. I never really thought that Cosmina would ever choose a dress this short for me. Zachary could have taken me with him and I could have chosen a dress for myself but here I am wearing a dress which was too short for my liking. The dress barely covered my thigh, yet as I looked into the mirror to see a different me. I wonder what Kiara would have thought seeing me in this type of dress. She was the only one in this world who always complained about my dressing style. I bet sh would have been happy if she ever saw me in this dress.

That reminds me of what Zachary told me in the morning.

"Whether you wear it for the party or not is totally your wish. Cosmina told me to give it to you for the party. You can always wear whatever you want".

Why does he always needs to be so rude? I just told him that I had never worn a short dress like this. But, he had to be so rude. I don't even understand what I did. But then, Cosmina brought this dress for me and they both chose this dress for me, and it's an award function, so I guess I don't have any other choice. I don't really want to upset him today. It's a great day for him after all. I just hope he wins. Because, as long as I have been with him I have got to know that he never mixes up his legal life with illegal ones. He works day and night for his day business and I really think that he deserves the award.

As I looked back at myself I can't help but feel conscious about myself. True, I did look different. Bold! But I wanted to know what Zachary thought about it. Will he like it? Will I get to hear my first ever compliment from him?

I smiled at myself and hit the side of my forehead with my knuckle lightly.

"You look absolutely gorgeous" Elena, the beautician whom Cosmina appointed for me told me as she set my hair.

"It all because of you Elena. Truly speaking, I really never thought that I could ever look like this, " I said as I turned around to look at myself in the mirror.

"Nah! Everything looks good on a beautiful person. It's just you not my makeup nor the dress. The clothes just enhance your beauty nothing else."

I smiled at what she said and gave her a tight hug. She laughed and patted on my back before letting me go.

"It's already half past six, I think Sir will be here anytime soon! And as my work is done, I will like to take my leave now" she said and I nodded clasping both of my hands together as she collected her things in a bag and together we left the room. It was hard for me to walk wearing the heels but thanks to Elena, she taught me to proper manner to walk elegantly and even taught me what to do when my feet hurts wearing the heels.

Halfway in the middle of the staircase, Elena told me that, she left some of her things in the bathroom. I asked to bring it while I drink some water in the kitchen waiting for her.

I poured a glass of water and gulped it down wiping my mouth when I realized Zachary had already arrived.

"Oh, you are here already?" I asked looking his way. He was already ready. He looked amazing in that black tux. He looked really handsome as I looked up at him from head to toe. Dressed sophisticatedly and impressively. I even loved his cologne. I looked at him and smiled at him. What should I even do rather than that? Should I praise his look?

Why is he not speaking?

Am I not looking good?

I even waited for him to speak something but when he didn't I chose to break the awkward silence.

"And you are ready! So, do I! Let's go?" I said as I walked up to him and stood right before him.

But then as I waited for his reply he seemed to be lost in deep thoughts. I called his name two times and when he didn't reply I snapped my finger before him calling his name loudly and thankfully he jerked out of his thinking state and looked at me.

"Let's go?" I asked and then smiled batting my eyes signaling towards my attire thinking he might get the idea that I wanted to know how I looked in this dress, after all I wore the one that he brought me and that even wore something like this for the first time in my life but to my absolute disappointment he just nodded and said: "Yes, Let's go!" then he turned his back to me and walked out not even glancing my way even once. He didn't even feel the need to check if I was coming or not. Disappointment marred my face and put the loose strands of my hair behind my ear before I stood straight and followed him.

In the car, I mustered up courage and thought to give it a try once again. I thought maybe he just didn't get it.

"Zachary, you didn't tell me how do I look?" I asked more like whispered all of a sudden feeling nervous that I asked the stupid question. But then he just broke my heart saying 'You look just fine!'

The only thing that formed in my mouth to his reply was a mere 'oh' I knew the disappointment was clearly audible from my voice but then it didn't really matter any longer. I looked out of the moving car.

Why am I so stupid?

Are you relieved now after making fun of yourself before him?

I kept my mouth shut the whole way but managed to reply in 'hmm' or 'okay' whenever he told me something about the function. He rarely opened his mouth to speak and so, do I.

When we arrived the venue, I was shocked to see a number of people present over there. The paparazzi were clicking pictures for their respective channel like a maniac. They made sure to click each and every second when a celebrity poses before them. So, ironically if you even blink your eyes they would get the pic and it would look weird if there is a pic with a closed eyes. So, just a simple mistake would cause a hindrance. It was my first ever time to be present in an event like this and that actually made me nervous. As soon as our car entered, our car was surrounded by the photographers clicking photos of us like maniacs. The flashlight made me blind for a moment. Thankfully, bouncers had to jump in to push them away. They weren't even moving even after our driver honked like hundred times. The bouncers mana

right!" another lady said and they laughed.

"So-" she began but stopped when they finally realised I was standing right next to them. Another lady hushed her and they walked away glancing my way. Meanwhile, I stood there looking and processing what I saw and heard.

What is this new drama in my story?

I looked at the woman who had her hand on Zachary's back and I noticed as she moved her hand slowly on his back as if trying to seduce him. And he was letting her do that...

I shook my head nad walked towards the small counter where they served drinks. It had been so long when I had a drink.

But what is this feeling that I feeling? Why did my heart hurt seeing him with another woman? It's his life after all. He can do nd be with whoever he wishes. Who am I to think anything about it?

"So? What are you thinking? Enjoy yourself" my brain told me and I obliged.

Every time I heard people behind me talking about the lady and Zachary, I would end up drinking a shot from what the bartender served me. Shots by shots, shots by shots it increased where I reached the point where I even lost the count on how much I had gulped down. My throat had the burning sensation and even my chest burned because of the drink or was the burning sensation for something else?

I reached a point where I saw the bartender swaying in his place. Before I could ask him to stop swaying in his place, because I was seeing two faces of him and I felt little dizzy for his action, I felt a hand on my forearm stopping me from having another shot.

Angry for being interrupted from drinking the shot, I turned my head only to find none but Zachary himself.

"What are you doing?" he whispered.

"Oh, you? Come! Sit!" I patted on the seat next to me.

"Serve us drinks!" I told the bartender who nodded.

"No!" Zachary butted in and leaned close to me and sniffed my breath.

"Gosh! Idiot! You are drunk?" he asked and I rolled my eyes at him when he said, Idiot.

"Spoilsport!" I muttered and raised the shot in my hand to drink it but again abruptly stopped by the man next to me.

"Enough! You had enough! Get up now!" he said as he snatched it away from me but like a bolt of electricity, I used my other hand and snatched it back from him and in no time gulped it down my throat before he could stop me.

"Juliette!" he scolded and pulled my arms making me stand up on my feet.

"Aye!" I poked his head.


"Let's dance!" I swayed on my place and he held me by my waist protecting me from collapsing on the ground. My vision was blurry and the world rotated before my eyes.

"What do you say hu?" I asked poking his cheek but confused when I couldn't feel his skin on my finger when I poked on his head.

"What the -" I was beyond confused.

"I am here!" he took another hand and kept my hand on his shoulder and turned my head towards his direction by my chin.

"Oh! Two Two Zachary's?" I giggled.

"I can barely tolerate one. Where did you come from? Han?" I asked poking the invisible one.

"God!" I felt his breath on my face.

"Whatever! let's dance c'mon!" I tugged his arm and leaned on him holding his suit.

"I can't dance, " he said and he began to walk with me clinging onto him like a monkey.

But he is the monkey. Isn't he?

"I didn't ask you! I told you! I said I want to dance and that means we will d-" I hiccupped and then completed it "dance! Do you understand?"

"I don't know how to dance" he sighed and I stopped in my tracks which made him stop too for he was holding me.

"Don't know how to dance?" I laughed "So I take it the first ever thing that you told me that you can't do hu?"

"Yes! Now lets head back home!" he said and pushed me gently and dragged my wobbly steps towards somewhere.

"Listen!" I made him stop again.

"Now what?" he asked sounding kind of irritated.

"I tell you what!"


"I don't know how to dance either, " I said and I was confused whether I saw it or not but from my blurry vision, I saw the two-headed man's mouth twitched up and he smiled with amusement clear in his eyes.


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