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   Chapter 37 NO.37

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Juliette POV

"Everything is finished."I pulled my hair in frustration and agony.

"Everything is finished."I took the broken lamp from the ground and threw it on the wall."

"Doamn?!" I heard someone but I ignored the person as I tumbled down to the floor and rested my head against the side of the bed.

"Are u alright?"It was Cosmina.

"Oh my God! What have you done? Ma'am, you're bleeding! Wait!" I heard her and guessed that she must be going to the bathroom for the first aid kit. I looked down and surely saw my hands filled with scratches and was bleeding. And pants were ripped and my bare foot had some scratches as well. But, it all didn't matter to me but what hurt me was my sentiments and emotions. My emotions were burdening over my shoulder. I was pretty much disheartened and filled with rage because today I had lost my confidence in myself.

I had lost my faith in myself. I couldn't quite comprehend what was correct and what was not. It seems as if every decision that I made in the past was incorrect and resulted in me in failure. I was broke, and I felt as if I lost my own soul. Betrayal was the cause of all these emotions that I was feeling right now.

Minutes later, I heard some shuffling in the background and felt someone touching my arms. It was definitely Cosmina because she started inspected my wounds while I sobbed not caring anything that was going on in my surrounding.

"Please let me see!" I heard her before I felt my consciousness giving up.

"What happened over here?" I heard someone as I felt my consciousness regaining.

Everything looked blurry at first, then I blinked my eyes several times and looked around myself to find myself on the bed. People were taking away the broken things, that I had broken and the room looked cleaner than it was when I lost my consciousness. I looked at my hand to find it bandaged and when I looked to my side I saw two pairs of eyes looking down at me, worried evident on their faces.

One was Cosmina and another was Zachary's mother. She sat down next to me and rubbed my forehead. Not able to control my feelings anymore, I took her hand in mine and cried leaning against it.

"Oh my god! Juliette! What happened? Dear why are you crying?" she held my hand in her and rubbed soothingly over the bandaged hand.

I continued sobbing and from the corner of my eyes, I saw Cosmina playing with her finger looking worried.

"Did something happened you and Zachary? A fight?" mom asked.

I wish that was the problem. How terribly I wished that I had never met Emmett and how terribly I hoped that my tears should belong to Zachary, not to the person whom I loved the most. Contradictorily, I was crying today only for the person whom I loved the most not because of the one whom I hated the most.

What is going on in my life?

Why is everything so messed up in my life?

"Juliette dear, please stop crying. My heart is beating so rapidly now. Oh my god! Please dear, stop crying" mom leaned her head against mine still rubbing my forearms.

"Cosmina!" all of a sudden mom raised her head up and looked towards Cosmina.

"Tell me! What is going on?" she asked almost in a rude way.

"I-" Cosmina was cut off by Zachary who walked through the door and stood next to the bed behind mom. His eyes bored into mine for a few seconds, before it left mine and traveled down to my bandaged hands. I saw his jaw clenching for a few seconds before he looked around the room and then back at mine.

"We had a fight!" he stated simply.

"Fight? For what?" mom asked looking at him sternly.

"She doesn't want to leave this house, " he said and that statement made me look up at him questionably.

What does he mean?

"Oh my god!" mom exclaimed as she kept my hand softly on the bed and stood up.

"You are still repeating the same thing? Why do you want to leave this house? I do not understand! This is your house, Juliette's house. Why can't we all stay together? Even she doesn't want to leave then why are you keen on leaving?" she said in a rage and then looked back at me.

"We are a married couple mom. We want our privacy!" Zachary said and all of a sudden I choked on my own spit.


"Are you not ashamed boy?" Mom asked in a low tone looking curtly at him and then at Cosmina.

Cosmina gasped and then looked here and there before saying "Um, I must leave now. I have work pending" she bent her head obliged.

"Very well! Then leave" mom said.

"Why is she so cold to her?" I wondered.

"Ashamed of what? Mother?" Zachary asked as he folded his arms across his chest and looked at hr narrowing his eyes.

"Zachar-" she was cut off by him "We already had this argument mother. Now please!" Zachary said and then walked up to me and sat next to me.

"Very well! What about you dear? Do you not want to live here?" mom asked me with hope filled eyes.

I felt a soft pinch on my thigh. It was Zachary.

What should I say?

Will it be good if we leave this place?

But why does Zachary wants us to leave? We were better here. I was better. Though I couldn't communicate with my family, having mom and the others around me somehow eased my tension. So, why does he want us to leave?

"Dear?" mom asked again.

"Whatever he feels is right, " I croaked out with difficulty.

She exhaled out a breath in annoyance and shook her head.

"Of course!" she muttered.

"We will be leavi

s wall with some parts splashed white like the roof, the beam. The room was indeed dark yet modern. I call the mansion modern because I saw a pool inside the mansion when I walked up the stairs previously. Classy yet modern. Mirror everywhere. Next to the bed, on the pillar, next to the wardrobe. I gasped when I saw something next to the door of the balcony. The same recliner chair, that I selected back in that furniture shop. It was there. So, Zachary was talking about this house.

I assumed the partition of the room for us to sleep away from each other. Nobody was here so, I assumed Zachary wouldn't like to put on the act of showing us as if we were a couple. I chose the bed and went directly to it. It was what I could see. I was tired. As I was about to sit on the bed, my eyes fell on my own reflection in the mirror. I was wearing a white v neck lace dress and what my eyes specifically saw was the necklace.

I still had that necklace on me. I walked to the mirror and looked at the necklace. It was beautiful but I knew I couldn't keep it.

"It would be better if I handed it over to Zachary" I spoke to myself and took it out of my neck.

I walked out of the room and to the place where I had last seen Zachary. I walked towards the direction where he went a few minutes ago. It leads me in front of a single door. I took in a deep breath before knocking on the door few times and I opened the door.

It was a study room. Shelves filled with books, trophies, and medals. Paintings hanging on the navy blue wall, pictures some family pictures, achievements, certificates in frames hanging on the wall. The room was bigger than Zachary's last study room in that house. A large table in the middle and there he sat working on his laptop. A large window screen behind him where I marked the rain again pouring heavily.

"What do you want?" he asked not even glancing my way.

He had his white shirt undone from the top and his black coat was thrown on the couch next to his table. For the first time ever, I saw him wearing glasses as he worked on his laptop.

"How did you know that it was me?" I asked as I walked up to him. Still, he didn't even look up at me.

He seemed to ignore me as he continued working on his laptop punching the keyboard furiously.

I sighed at his behavior and then placed the necklace before him on the table before him which instantly stopped him from typing further on his laptop. He looked at the necklace but didn't even look up at me.

"What is this?" he asked still not even looking up at me.

"This necklace is given to me by your mother!" I said and frowned when he still didn't look up at me.

What is his problem?

"So?" he questioned.

"It is from your ancestors. Your family has this tradition to pass down this necklace to their generations!" I said.

"I know that!" he stated and continued with his typing.

"I am giving this back to you. I do not belong to your family" when I said this he stopped his typing but didn't look up.

"So, I assumed it would be better if stayed with you and you hand it over to the right person. I am not th-" I was rudely cut off him by him.

"Yeah! Okay! Now leave me alone!" he said and continued with his typing. More furiously this time.

"Okay?" I said more like a question.

"I am going back to the room, " I said and shook my head at him before turning around and leaving.

"Did I expect an act of chivalry from him? What is wrong with me?" I thought as I closed the door behind me.

"So rude!" I said out loud and walked towards the room.


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