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   Chapter 36 NO.36

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Zachary Pov

I asked my people to take care of that mutt inside that room. How did he even manage to untie himself? I looked to my side to find Juliette sitting silently, leaning against the car window.

She was way too silent. I looked forward and saw Willi looking at me through the rearview mirror of the car. He looked worried. I signaled him with my eyes to concentrate on the road.

I sighed as I rubbed my face with my hand and looked out of the window. My life is messed up right now. I can't just understand what is going on in my life. But I know that it is Juliette's life who's life is a way too messed up than me right now. Finally, the truth of Emmett being Nicholas is revealed to her. But it was not the really how I hoped her to find out. It was uncertain. It was not really how I have had planned for which I am not really happy.

But contradictorily, only half of the truth is revealed to her. There is even more. She needs to find out more about what is going on. I hope she understands.

Ironically, I know my behavior towards her from last these days, was not really good. I was cruel to her. I locked her up, away from everyone when she was already away from her own familiar people. Firstly, it was for her own safety. Because, as I had Nicholas I knew his father would to no avail to find out about him and if he knew Juliette was the reason then he would surely, attack Juliette. Secondly, I let my emotions get to me.

I glanced towards her to find her looking out of the window lost in thoughts. I knew that it was way too much for her to handle but the questions which have been nagging me is how did she even get out of the house with all that tight security?

Are my boys not enough to stop her from getting out?

If she can get out of the house so easily than anybody can get inside the house way too easily. b

This is not good.

I need to have a serious talking to all my boys.

But currently, her state was affecting me. She looked mentally disturbed right now as her eyes looked distant and she kept on clutching onto the hem of her shirt tightly. Probably, thinking about what just happened. But it's not the only thing that I have to deal with.

My family. I need to face them now, for my behavior from these last few days towards Juliette has not been unnoticed by my family. Especially, by my grandfather. I hope he doesn't ask me oo much and let me handle the situation of my own. I can han

smina would look at it. I believe she can look after her for some hour before the next most shocking truth of Juliette's life was to revealed before her.

I have already called her father and it may take some hours for him to reach here. I believe he can clear everything and make her understand everything. But most importantly, seeing Juliette's condition I believe she needs someone from her family to make her feel somewhat relieved.

And that reminds me of Nicholas, I need to free him soon. Because I never really intended to kill him. The one whom I want to kill is his father. I have to think about a way to get him and I believe releasing Nicholas will surely lead me to his father. Everything that is wrong started from his father. He is the real cause of everything that is wrong today. Because of him, Juliette has to go through all this today. Because of him, my family lost my sister. I know he was the mastermind behind the plan to kill my sister and initially, he used his own son as a pawn in this game.

I went inside my study room and sat on the lounge tired. I hoped Juliette's father to be here as soon as possible because it would really help as now she knows part of the truth. She needs to know the whole damn story.

Raking a hand through my hair, I sighed when the door burst open and mom walked in looking as if she was going to kill me.

It looks like she too needs to know about everything that has been going on.

No more of hiding things.


This quick and short update is for my lovely fans and for the people who vote for my book and understand me and my work.

Thank you.

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