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   Chapter 35 NO.35

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Juliette Pov

I couldn't even believe what life has for me. The impossibilities are happening to me. I cursed to myself for having a fate like this. What did I ever do to have a fate like this?

"Jul-Juliette" the person whom I thought was dead, whom I loved the most in this world whom I thought was the only one who loved me is the person who broke my heart shattering it into pieces for he was the biggest lie of my life.

"Juliette" I felt him grabbing me from my arms while I sobbed and cried sitting on the floor.

He pulled me up and I stood on my feet but I could feel my legs wobbling.

What is going on with me?

"Juliette baby" he tried to touch my cheek but I slapped his hands away and glared at him.

Through my watery eyes, I managed to glare at him. My eyes were open now. I could see the truth now. But only the half of the truth. I need to hear his side of the story too. I can't just keep on crying not knowing what to do. I have been kept in the darkness. And now, I want to be free. I want to know everything. Every single little thing that my eyes have missed. I could hear people laughing at me. Sounds of people laughing at me echoed in my ear and I looked around terrified thinking who are they. Nobody was around but the sounds of laughter didn't stop. They were mocking me for having a fate like this. For being betrayed by the only one whom I believed and trusted the most.

"Stop!" the words formed in my mouth as I put my palms on my ear not able to bear people taunting me.

"Juliette?" Emmett looked confused as he took a step closer to me.

"Stop right there!" all of a sudden the sounds were gone and I found myself standing in a quiet room with Emmett facing me looking at me little nervous.

"Who are you?" I questioned looking straight into his eyes.

"Wh- What are you talking about? Juliette, I am Emmett. Your Emmett" he took another step closer but I showed him a finger warning him to stop.

"Who are you?" I asked again. I wanted to hear it. I wanted to hear it from his mouth. Deep down, I was still hoping that whatever I thought and heard was false. Let him be the Emmett whom I loved.

"Juliette, what is wrong with you?" he asked but he looked unhappy now.

"Who are you?" I repeated the same question determinedly wanting to know the answer. I wouldn't budge until he answered my question.

He looked into my eyes and then pursed his lips.

"Fine! I will answer. I don't understand what is wrong with you. Why are you even questioning me like this all of a sudden but I will answer you" he said as he kept his hands on his hips.

"I am Emmett Renfred, " he said and I balled my fists in anger.

Again lying!

"Who are you?" I asked again. I decid

f a sudden the world seemed to rotate and my vision blurred as I felt little dizzy.

"Yes, Nicholas Greer" I heard him and heard his footsteps next to mine but as soon as he got near I saw another foot walking my way from my peripheral vision and all of a sudden a heard a whoomp sound.

"Don't touch her!" I heard Zachary.

It was Zachary.

Mustering up courage, I looked back to see Zachary kicking Emmett on his stomach.

"You bastard! How dare you touch her?" was what I heard when I was really close to losing my sense.

I felt a hand on my arms and I looked up to see it, Willi.

"Get up!" he said as he helped me get up on my foot.

As he held me from my arms I saw Zachary's assaults on Emmett.

"Zac-Zachary" I tried to stop him.

He looked back at me with rage filled in his eyes but soon he left a whimpering Emmett alone rolling on the ground.

All of a sudden Emmett starting laughing. He laughed hard as he wiped the tears away from the corner of his eyes and he got up wincing back on his foot.

"You can't save her every time you know" he laughed hysterically looking straight into Zachary's eyes.

"You are going to die soon. Let my dad find me out first. Then I will see each and every one of you. You all will pay for this!" he snarled at Zachary. Zachary rolled his shoulder and took a step closer to him.

"We will see, " he said in a low threatening tone and turned around and walked towards me and held me by my waist as he made me walk towards the door.

"You can't save her every time!" I heard Emmett as we walked out of the room.

I saw some people walking into that room walking past us.

"H-He betrayed me!" was what I muttered and felt Zachary's arm tightening on mine torso.


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