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   Chapter 31 NO.31

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Juliette Pov

"I am frustrated now!" I yelled pulling my hair and looked at myself in the bathroom's mirror.

Why am I here? What am I doing here? What have I done to anyone to be treated like this?

I slammed my palm frustrated next to the sink.

What did I ever do to deserve all this?

Two days!

I have been thrown into his room and I have been locked up away from everyone all of a sudden since two days.

What did I even do?

It all started when I was with Cosmina in the kitchen. She was scribbling the items which were to be brought on the notepad and it was when I saw Zachary entering the kitchen with a stoic expression. I sat on the kitchen counter and watched as he marched up to me. He looked different some way.

He looked tensed.

Before I could get down from the counter and even ask him what has happened he chose to manhandle me by grabbing onto my arm and pulling me down to my feet.

"Hey! What are you doing?" I cried because his firm grip on my arm was hurting me. It all happened all of a sudden that I couldn't even understand what was going on and to where he was dragging me. I was in shock as well as scared. He wasn't even talking and it made me feel that maybe I have done something to be treated like this.

Is he angry with me? But what did I do?

I was pushed into the room and I stumbled on my own feet, but I saved myself from tumbling down by holding onto the small wardrobe next to the room's door.

"What are you doing?" I asked petrified.

"From now on you will be staying inside this room!" he said still standing in the entrance of the room near the door.

"W-what? But why?" I asked baffled at his statement.

"Don't question me!" he yelled to which I visibly flinched.

I saw as he balled his fist and looked up before looking back at me.

"This is the last time I am warning you. Don't ever question me again, " he said enunciating each word.

My hands trembled seeing his eyes.

What is wrong with him?

"This is my house and don't forget who you are and from where and in what condition you have come here!" he said his face void of any expression.

"Zach-" he cut me off "Shut up!" and instantly I shut my mouth scared. He was intimidating me and to tell the truth I was scared to death.

"Stay in this room. You are prohibited from talking to anyone. If you do remember, " he took an intimidating step towards me which made me step a foot backward in an instant.

"Your near and dear ones has to pay the consequences, " his word held promise and I gulped the lump in my throat. The sides of my eyes stinging because of the tears that were pooling to flow down my cheeks but it was waiting for a blink. I lowered my gaze and let the tears shed down.

"You will be provided food but remember what I told you. Don't try to act smart, " he warned for the last time.

"You are my little bird in my cage and it is in my hand to let you fly but if I don't want that to happen then I am the type of person to choke the little bird right between my palm choking it till it breaths its last" he said and smirked when I looked up at him shocked.

I was never really afraid of Zachary but what he just told me made me scared to the point to where I just wanted to run away and hide from him and never ever show him my face. I know that he has done so many w

him now.

"Yo-" I cut Zachary.

"No! Nothing is okay between us, " I said all of a sudden leaving no room for Zachary for interfering.

He glared at me and warned me through his eyes not to do anything stupid.

But I didn't care.

"What?" mom whispered.

"Truly speaking I also don't have any idea why all of a sudden I was locked inside the room like that away from everyone" I further added which caused Zachary seething in anger.

"And I am angry. Angry upon Zachary for not even letting me know and treating me like that, " I said as calmly as I could but I knew that the bridge of my patience was breaking second by second and I would lose it any second.

"But!" I added when I saw Zachary about to speak.

"Everything can be normal if he pays for what he did, " I said and saw as Zachary gave me a confused look.

"Look at him seething in anger" I chuckled sarcastically and further added "I guess his anger has raised his body temperature. You need to cool down before you get your blood pressure high!" I said and looked around when I spotted the jug of water.

"Wait a minute!" I said and walked to the table where the jug full of water was kept.

I took it and came back to my previous place.

"Have it! It will, " I paused and heard the gasps of everyone present in the room when I practically poured the water out on Zachary's face.

"Cool you down!" I said once the jug was now empty.

He stood there in shock for a minute and then he raised his hand and touched his face as if not believing that I just splashed water on his face before everyone humiliating him. He wiped his face using his palm and then his facial expressions contoured the angry ones and angrily he got rid of his now wet dripping suit and he began to flip it in air.

I sighed and turned around and kept the now empty jug on the table beside the sofa.

"Oh, my!" mom said out of shock.

"Why you!" he seemed clearly miffed with the scenario.

And as I have already predicted, I was grabbed by my arm and I was dragged back towards the room with him muttering something in annoyance.


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